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Tigers rally late but fall by 20
By Jennifer Witham 4:55 PM Sat 11 July, 2009

A BRAVE Richmond side has gone down fighting to lose to Carlton by 20 points at the MCG on Saturday afternoon.

The Tigers won the last quarter five goals to three and cut a 38-point margin to just 14 with only minutes remaining, but the Blues managed to hold on and win 16.13 (109) to 12.17 (89).

Both sides fielded vastly different teams to the ones they did in Carlton's 83-point round one thrashing, and the hype surrounding the game didn't reach anywhere near the previous occasion.

However, some impressive fourth-term fighting by the yellow and black made for a tight finish as they suddenly came alive and challenged the Blues.

A late goal to Brenda Fevola, which took his tally for the afternoon to a career-best nine, sealed the deal for the Blues and took them to their eighth win for the season. 

Will Thursfield worked hard against Fevola, and Ben Cousins did everything he could in the midfield with 35 touches while Richard Tambling (19 touches, nine tackles) put in another encouraging performance.

There were decided positives for the Tigers, among some glaring mistakes.

Tyrone Vickery kicked two fourth-term goals that gave his side a brief heartbeat, Robin Nahas had a purple patch in the third and Jayden Post took a soaring mark in the third term in just his second game.

Daniel Jackson did well for 32 possessions while running with Chris Judd (29), and Jake King blanketed Kade Simpson to 14 touches while Brett Deledio had six clearances and seven inside-50s.

Richmond, minus high-possession getter Nathan Foley (calf), were left stunned after the Blues got the first goal of the game through Brad Fisher within 20 seconds of the bounce.

It took over seven minutes for them to respond, with their first six-pointer coming when Deledio kicked truly from outside 50m.

After Deledio's goal levelled the scores, Jack Riewoldt had a chance to give the Tigers a six-point lead soon later after marking in front of Michael Jamison. However, the kick swerved and hit the post.

Eddie Betts and Riewoldt traded goals before Bryce Gibbs managed to find space and run in to register his first to give the Blues a six-point lead.

Cousins upped his work rate after a slow start and fired off a handpass to Mitch Morton at the 29-minute mark that gave the Tigers a goal and a one-point lead at quarter time.

Carlton started the second term in similar fashion to the first when Fevola outmuscled Thursfield to mark and score the first major.

However, Riewoldt hit back again after some impressive work by Nahas on the wing found the ball in his hands, well and truly within range.

It wasn't until after 12 minutes the Blues were able to score consecutive goals, which came when Marc Murphy snared one on the run before Alex Rance decided to kick the ball across the Tigers' defensive arc, only for it to deviate away from Chris Newman and end up in the hands of Fevola.

Another costly error, this time at the kick-in, saw the Blues get another soon after, with Greg Bentley kicking accurately and giving his side a 20-point lead.

Nahas got the next two for the Tigers through free kicks, but they were nullified by Fevola, who took his first-half tally to four shortly before the siren, which left the main break difference at 20 points.

Fevola capitalised on his sharp second term with the first goal of the third, but Tigers' captain Chris Newman cut that score away four minutes later to keep his side within three goals.

It was the last chance Richmond fans would get to celebrate for awhile as the Blues accelerated to kick the last four goals of the term three of which went to Fevola.

Richmond entered the fourth 31 points down, but performed valiantly to cut that difference as the clock wound down.

Richmond will now play North Melbourne at the MCG next Sunday, while Carlton will host the Sydney Swans at the Docklands on Saturday.

Carlton     3.3  9.8  13.9  16.13 (109)
Richmond  3.4  6.6  7.14  12.17 (89)

Carlton: Fevola 9, Fisher, Betts, Gibbs, Murphy, Bentley, Carrazzo, Kreuzer
Richmond: Riewoldt 3, Nahas 2, Deledio 2, Vickery 2, Morton, Newman, King

Carlton: Fevola, Judd, Carrazzo, Grigg, Gibbs, Kreuzer, Murphy
Richmond: Cousins, Tambling, Jackson, Deledio, Riewoldt, King, Vickery

Carlton: O'hAilpin (general soreness) out of selected side, replaced by Anderson

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Kennedy, Dalgleish, McInerney

Official crowd: 50,784 at the MCG

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Re: Media articles & Stats: Tigers rally late but fall by 20 to Blues
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Carlton beats Richmond by 20 points at the MCG
AAP | July 11, 2009

CARLTON spearhead Brendan Fevola produced a brilliant nine-goal haul to lift the Blues to an important 20-point win over Richmond.

It was a career-best haul, with all of his goals coming after quarter-time to light up a game which badly needed a spark.

The Blues trailed by a point after an error-laden first quarter in which both sides struggled to adapt to difficult, windy conditions.

But from that point, Fevola was the clear difference in the match, producing some beautiful goals and kicking 9.1 while at the other end Richmond lacked a dominant presence in attack and wasted many scoring chances.

The Blues ran out 16.13 (109) to 12.17 (89) winners.

Fevola gave Carlton the lead with the opening goal of the second quarter, taking the ball out of opponent Will Thursfield's hands in a marking contest and snapping from about 25m.

He kicked another midway through the term and when teammate Greg Bentley goaled after marking a kick-in from Richmond's Chris Newman nearing time-on Carlton had pulled 20 points ahead.

The Tigers threatened to fight back into the contest, with two quick goals to livewire forward pocket Robin Nahas, both after he won free kicks close to goal with tackles.

Nahas had earlier set up Richmond's only other goal of the quarter, when he beat two opponents with a dashing run at half-forward.

But, after he cut the margin to eight points, Fevola kicked the final two goals of the first half to reassert Carlton's authority.

The first came from a simple mark on the lead, but the last goal of the half was a gem.

Fevola scooped up a Jeff Garlett pass on the bounce with Thursfield on his tail.

Unable to break free from Thursfield, Fevola spun around in the tackle and rolled through a brilliant snap from 45m on a tight angle.

It stretched the half-time lead to 20 points and the big forward continued his hot form after the break, opening the second half with a juggling mark on the lead then a booming goal from outside 50m.

Richmond controlled the match in general play for much of the third term, with Ben Cousins picking up 10 touches for the quarter and Daniel Jackson also influential in the middle of the ground.

But the Tigers were wasteful in front of goal, kicking 1.8 for the quarter.

In contrast, the Blues kicked 4.1, with Fevola kicking three straight.

He kicked the last two of the term, showing touches of magic on both occasions.

For the first, he took a one-handed mark in front of Luke McGuane, who had replaced his initial opponent Thursfield.

Fevola's next goal was the match highlight, holding off McGuane as the ball bounced into the goalsquare then kicking it out of mid-air over his head for a major.

That put the Blues 29 points up at the last change and Fevola put the result beyond doubt when he booted his eighth after McGuane gave away a free kick early in the final quarter.

The Tigers produced a late flurry of goals to close to within 14 points nearing full-time, before Fevola received a handball in the goalsquare to kick the sealer and make it the most productive day of his career.,26576,25765580-19742,00.html

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Stats: Tigers -v- Blues
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Team Stats

Disposals:        370 - 352
Efficiency%:       72 - 70
Kicks:              172 - 165
Handballs:        198 - 187
Con. Marks:         7 - 8
Uncon. Marks:    52 - 54
Tackles:             72 - 81
Clearances:        41 - 40
Clangers:           39 - 44
Hitouts:             30 - 42  ( Graham 16, Vickery 7 // Hampson 21, Kreuzer 20 )
Frees:               19 - 16
Con. Possies:   132 - 125
Uncon.Possies: 234 - 226
Inside 50s:        53 - 56
Assists:            18 - 18

Individual Stats

player               D  EFF%  K     H     G     B     CM     UM     T     CL     C 
Cousins, B         35    74    20    15    0    1    0    3    4    6    2
Jackson, D         32    66    16    16    0    0    0    3    6    6    4
Deledio, B          29    69    14    15    2    0    0    2    1    6    2    
Cotchin, T          26    69    13    13    0    0    1    3    1    5    2
Tuck, S              25    76    9    16    0    1    0    3    2    2    1    
Newman, C         23    78    10    13    1    0    0    2    2    1    4    
Tambling, R        19    79    9    10    0    1    1    4    9    2    2
King, J               17    88    8    9    1    1    0    2    2    1    4    
McGuane, L        16    81    6    10    0    1    1    2    5    1    1
Riewoldt, J         16    50    12    4    3    2    1    5    2    0    2
Nahas, R            14    71    5    9    2    0    0    0    3    5    
Polo, D              14    79    3    11    0    0    0    3    3    2    1    
Rance, A           13    62    4    9    0    0    0    0    6    0    2    
Morton, M          12    75    6    6    1    2    1    3    3    0    0    
Post, J              12    58    8    4    0    2    1    6    4    0    2    
Edwards, S        11    73    4    7    0    0    0    2    2    0    2    
Vickery, T          11    73    4    7    2    1    0    4    4    1    0    
White, M            11    64    8    3    0    0    0    0    2    1    2    
Graham, A         10    70    6    4    0    1    1    4    3    1    1    
Hislop, T             9    44    2    7    0    1    0    0    5    1    3
Thursfield, W      8    88    3    5    0    0    0    1    2    0    0    
Moore, K            7    86    2    5    0    0    0    0    1    0    1    

player               FF     FA     CP     UP     I50     A      
Cousins, B         2    0    10    23    7    2    
Jackson, D         0    1    10    22    3    0    
Deledio, B          1    1    11    20    7    1    
Cotchin, T         2    0    7    19    2    1    
Tuck, S             2    0    8    18    3    2    
Newman, C        0    0    5    17    1    1    
Tambling, R       0    0    7    12    2    0    
King, J              2    3    7    9    1    0    
McGuane, L        1    1    6    10    2    1    
Riewoldt, J         1    2    6    8    3    1    
Nahas, R           3    0    10    4    5    0    
Polo, D              0    1    6    9    0    0    
Rance, A            0    2    4    8    0    1    
Morton, M          0    0    4    8    3    1    
Post, J               0    0    3    8    2    2    
Edwards, S        1    1    6    6    2    0    
Vickery, T          0    0    4    7    0    0    
White, M            0    1    1    10    6    3    
Graham, A         0    1    4    6    3    2    
Hislop, T            2    1    7    2    1    0    
Thursfield, W     2    0    4    4    0    0    
Moore, K           0    1    2    4    0    0,,5015503,00.html

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Re: Media articles & Stats: Tigers rally late but fall by 20 to Blues
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Jake King had the equal highest disposal efficiency of the Richmond side
I wonder if the devil has taken up snowboarding

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Fevola's nine stuns the stuttering Tigers (Age)
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Fevola's nine stuns the stuttering Tigers
Rohan Connolly
July 12, 2009

IF YOU were a Richmond supporter looking for early omens yesterday, you might have packed up and gone home 16 seconds after the first bounce.

That was all it took for Carlton ruckman Matthew Kreuzer to win the first tap, Chris Judd to pounce on the hit-out and dash forward, Jordan Russell to hand off to Brad Fisher, and the Blues' forward to pop through the first goal of the game.

Tiger fans still have nightmares about that opening night of this season against the same opponent, when a summer's worth of dreams and expectations were blown to bits within minutes. Already you could feel the deja vu.

But that blistering opening wasn't to be the start of an avalanche, more an arm wrestle in difficult, blustery conditions that made football fundamentals, let alone finesse, pretty tricky. Carlton ultimately won that joust because it had the superior skills, the better conversion, and because it had Brendan Fevola.

It was classic Fevola yesterday. A first quarter in which he was held to just three kicks, one behind, and looked likely to blow a gasket any second, and three quarters in which he was a maestro, marking strongly, kicking beautifully, pulling rabbits out of the hat, and ending with a career-best nine goals.

Not that any of that magic looked likely to unfold early, as both sides traded goals and errors in equal measure. Seven minutes after the Blues' opening volley, Brett Deledio ran on to a big ruck thump to put the Tigers on level terms.

Carlton livewire Eddie Betts nailed Kelvin Moore in a tackle and put through the spoils, then Jack Riewoldt tied things up again, cleverly intercepting a dangerous handball attempt from Aaron Joseph.

Carlton kicked again through Bryce Gibbs, but Ben Cousins dished off to Mitch Morton, the Tiger key forward curling one around over his left shoulder in trademark fashion.

And so the back and forward stuff continued for a while. Morton and Riewoldt occasionally threatened for Richmond, Tyrone Vickery and debutant Jayden Post did some nice things, Daniel Jackson kept plugging away on Judd, but the one constant Tiger thorn in the Blues' side, perhaps not surprisingly, remained Cousins.

He won more disposals, 35, than any other Tiger. He pumped the ball inside 50 more often. And won as many clearances as any. More importantly, when he had the ball in hand, you knew, rather than hoped, that despite the difficult environment, the Tigers were going to be put to advantage. But Cousins isn't a goalkicker. And on a day when Richmond cruelled its chance once and for all in the third term with a game-costing 1.8, Fevola's 9.1 was a huge difference between the sides.

There was a bit of everything in there. The mark-and-lead stuff. The push-off-the-opponent stuff. The "lucky to be on the end of someone else's good work" stuff. And the requisite Fevola miracle goal, which came moments before half-time when he turned opponent Will Thursfield inside out, then bounced one through from 45 metres out, hard up against the boundary.

That goal gave the Blues a 20-point lead, a margin which remained about the difference between the two for the rest of the game.

Richmond was going to have to make every chance count to haul back the deficit, and it made a meal of it, dominating large chunks of the third quarter but kicking point after point, Vickery, Richard Tambling, Luke McGuane, even Cousins managing to miss the target at various stages.

At the other end, meanwhile, Fevola kept splitting the middle, and pulling pieces of inventiveness out of his you-know-where, like his mid-air hoik to finish off the third term.

Richmond finally found the mark again in the last quarter, but despite getting within 14 points with five or so minutes still to play, you never truly felt the Tigers were a chance of getting there.

Fevola, fittingly, finished it all off with his ninth, a "Joe the goose" handball over the top from Betts.

It was a very necessary if not spectacular win by the Blues, Fevola the star, Judd doing more than his bit as usual, Shaun Grigg and Andrew Carrazzo solid. Not as thumping as that famous round-one game, mind you, but perhaps a bit more important.

Carlton is well on track for that elusive finals appearance, a path it first trod back against the Tigers in March.

Richmond may eventually get there, too, but like yesterday, the Tigers do have a tendency to make life hard for themselves.

CARLTON 3.3 9.8 13.9 16.13 (109)
RICHMOND 3.4 6.6 7.14 12.17 (89)

Carlton: Fevola 9, Carrazzo, Fisher, Gibbs, Betts, Bentley, Kreuzer, Murphy.
Richmond: Riewoldt 3, Deledio 2, Nahas 2, Vickery 2, Newman, King, Morton.

BEST Carlton:
Fevola, Judd, Carrazzo, Grigg, Gibbs, Murphy.
Richmond: Cousins, Deledio, Jackson, Cotchin, Riewoldt, Tuck.

INJURIES Carlton: O'hAilpin (soreness) replaced in selected side by Anderson. Richmond: K Moore (calf).

UMPIRES: Kennedy, Dalgleish, S McInerney.

CROWD: 50,784 at MCG.

It was an even and scrappy contest in old-fashioned football conditions, and Brendan Fevola's two goals on the eve of half-time ? four for the quarter ? gave the Blues a handy 20-point lead. From there, the Blues were never really challenged as Richmond wasted plenty of scoring opportunities in the third quarter. Jack Riewoldt had a chance to bring the game back to eight points late in the final quarter but missed, and by then the game was all but over.

The enigmatic Fevola had an ordinary start, scoring just one point in the first quarter, but sprung to life from the second quarter to kick four goals before the main break and five after it, giving him a career-best nine-goal haul. Ben Cousins was a ball magnet for the Tigers, racking up 35 possessions for the game.

Carlton will go into Saturday's game against Sydney at Etihad Stadium with confidence while Richmond will try to make the most of its opportunities in front of goal in its next clash against North Melbourne at the MCG on Sunday.