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Media articles & Stats: Tigers fall by 93 points to Pies
« on: August 15, 2009, 06:46:13 PM »
Tigers fall by 93 points
By Jason Phelan 4:53 PM Sat 15 August, 2009

Richmond                  2.1   3.3    6.5     8.11 (59)
Collingwood               7.8 13.13 20.18 22.20 (152)

Richmond: Nahas 2, Hislop 2, Riewoldt, Morton, Deledio, Tambling
Collingwood: Davis 4, Anthony 3, Cloke 2, Swan 2, Didak 2, Dick 2, Medhurst, Shaw, Lockyer, Johnson, Beams, O'Brien, Pendlebury

Richmond: Deledio, Nahas, Edwards, Newman, Jackson
Collingwood: Cloke, Beams, Swan, Davis, O'Bree, Pendlebury, O'Brien

Richmond: White (hamstring tightness) replaced in selected side by Coughlan
Collingwood: Nil

Reports: King (Richmond) reported for striking Didak (Collingwood) by umpire Donlon in the second quarter, Hislop (Richmond) reported for rough conduct against O'Bree (Collingwood) by umpire Avon in the fourth quarter

Umpires: Donlon, James, Avon

Official crowd: 63,366 at the MCG


RICHMOND has endured a dark day at the MCG where Collingwood handed out a 93-point thrashing on Saturday.

The at times spiteful encounter was effectively over at quarter time when the Tigers found themselves 37 points down. The Pies increased their lead at every change before taking the foot off the pedal in the final term to ease to a 22.20 (152) to 8.11 (59) win.

Jake King shadowed Alan Didak throughout the match and the duel between the fiery pair was an eventful one. Both were reported in the second quarter which saw a large melee erupt in the centre square.

The were few positives in the Tigers' display, but Shane Edwards was given the tough task of curbing Leon Davis and he impressed with his work rate in keeping the Magpie livewire to just four possessions to half time.

His day ended on a sour note, however, as he limped from the ground in obvious pain and went straight up the race, where he stayed.

Brett Deledio toiled honestly for his 31 possessions as did Chris Newman (25) and Robin Nahas was lively with 19 touches and two goals.

Joel Bowden started up forward in his last AFL match and gathered 24 disposals before waving an emotional goodbye to the fans at the Punt Road end.

Collingwood had 13 goal kickers and winners across every line led by Dane Swan with 34 touches while Davis finished strongly to bag four goals.

There was little to suggest the coming onslaught early in the game when the Tigers were up and about.

Jack Riewoldt did well to answer Jack Anthony's opening goal after an excellent diving mark and Mitch Morton poured on the pressure to catch Harry O'Brien holding the ball soon after.

He swung around onto his right and split the middle in trademark fashion to give Richmond a seven-point lead, but that marked the end of the challenge.

The Tigers did not go inside attacking 50 for the rest of the quarter as the Magpies piled on the next six goals. They led by a whopping 37 points at the first break and probably should have been further in front given their wayward kicking for goal.

Travis Cloke booted the first goal of the second term, with the simmering tension between King and Didak boiling over soon after. Nahas goaled when play resumed, but the Pies soon regained their composure and booted the next four goals to lead by an imposing 70 points at the main break.

Richmond managed back to back goals through Deledio and Tom Hislop early in the third, raising hopes of a spirited finish, but Davis got away from Edwards to slot two brilliant goals and Anthony added another couple.

The Pies led it by 97 at the last change despite a second from Nahas and the Tigers were at least able to win the final term to prevent a triple-digit margin.

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Richmond Tigers wear Pies in the face (Herald-Sun)
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Richmond Tigers wear Pies in the face
Glenn McFarlane | August 15, 2009

IF coach-in-waiting Damien Hardwick caught a glimpse of Richmond's complete unravelling against Collingwood at the MCG, he might be excused for giving North Melbourne a quick call.

Hardwick is considered the favourite for both the vacant Tigers and the Kangaroos coaching positions, but it is hard to see him being enthused about anything Richmond offered in its miserable 93-point loss to Collingwood.

It was an embarrassing afternoon as the club's worst defeat of the season - even greater than the 83-point loss to Carlton in Round 1 - also dealt a savage blow to Jade Rawlings' desire to gain permanency in the position.

In a match defined by a running battle between serial pest Jake King and Alan Didak that resulted in King being reported and a melee involving almost 30 players, the Magpies dominated the contest from start to finish.

For caretaker coach Rawlings, it must have been painful to watch, knowing that yesterday's performance will almost certainly cost him any hope of carrying on in the senior role at Richmond next season.

In many ways, though, the Tigers' problems are far more deep-seated and ingrained than simply what happens in the coaching box, as Rawlings boldly claimed when the team was thrashed by the Swans last week.

It was a miserable farewell for Joel Bowden, who bowed out of football with the worst possible memory, and there could be a host of players following him on the basis of the lamentable performance.

In contrast, Collingwood made a further downpayment on securing third spot, boosting its percentage by five per cent with its 11th win from its last 12 games.

The Magpies had an AFL record of 131 interchanges, a club record 459 disposals, and scored its greatest winning margin of the season.

If they had not taken their foot off the well-used pedal in the last quarter, they would have surely gone beyond the club's record winning margin against Richmond - the 101-point win achieved in 1986.

At one stage early in the last term, the deficit was out to 107 points before the Tigers managed to score a few junk-time goals.

Incredibly, the Magpies had 13 individual goalkickers in yet another even spread.

Leon Davis was well held in the first half by Shane Edwards before breaking loose to finish with a game-high four goals.

Even defenders Heath Shaw and Harry O'Brien managed to sneak down the field to kick majors.  Shaw was outstanding in defence, completely outpointing Tiger Nathan Brown.

Dayne Beams was outstanding with 30 touches in his best game for the club, while Dane Swan once more had the most touches on the field with 34.

Incredibly, Swan did not win a possession in the first 16 minutes, with his original tag Daniel Jackson having a hand in Richmond's opening goal.

But the Brownlow Medal fancy more than made up for that in the last three and a half quarters, running tirelessly to outpoint first Jackson and then Alex Rance.

Scott Pendlebury, Ben Johnson and Shane O'Bree were important players, while Travis Cloke continues to grow in confidence.  Cloke kicked two goals but should have finished with five.

Didak copped a physical and emotional barrage from King in an effort to unsettle him in the manner that Hawthorn's Ben McGlynn successfully managed in Round 16.

King's report on Didak came six minutes into the second term after Brad Dick had just put the Magpies 49 points in front.

It sparked some retaliation from the Collingwood players who were furious with King's attention on Didak, and for a time it appeared as if Didak and the Magpies would be unsettled.

But, like Richmond's resistance, it worked only for a short period of time before the Magpie finally composed himself and went on to be one of the many good performers for Collingwood with 29 touches and two goals.

For the Tigers, Brett Deledio worked hard and was the club's best four quarter performer.

Tom Hislop had his number taken for some unneccessary aggression when the game was over.

That's the way it was with the Tigers, and has been for far too long.When the game was there to be won, the usual suspects were sadly missing.

And that would not have been lost on Hardwick, Rawlings or anyone else keen to coach the Tigers next year, and beyond.

Best: Collingwood: D Beams H Shaw D Swan S O'Bree H O'Brien B Johnson T Cloke A Didak.
Richmond: B Deledio C Newman B Cousins W Thursfield L McGuane.,26576,25933320-19742,00.html

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Stats: Tigers -v- Pies
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2009, 04:41:08 AM »
Team Stats

Disposals:          341 - 459   :P
Efficiency%:         68 - 78      :P
Kicks:                176 - 224
Handballs:          165 - 235
Con. Marks:           7 - 17
Uncon. Marks:      67 - 82
Tackles:               52 - 63
Clearances:          32 - 35
Clangers:             46 - 37
Hitouts:               35 - 27   ( Graham 22, Vickery 11 // Wood 19, Dawes 4 )
Frees:                 17 - 17
Con. Possies:     123 - 133
Uncon.Possies:   220 - 318
Inside 50s:          33 - 67     :help
Assists:              12 - 26

Individual Stats

player               D EFF% K H G B CM UM T CL C
Deledio, B         31 58 16 15 1 1 2 4 2 2 4
Tuck, S            26 62   8 18 0 0 0 2 1 7 2 
Newman, C       25 72 18   7 0 1 0 3 4 2 1 
Bowden, J        24 75 15   9 0 1 0 4 2 1 3 
Cousins, B       19 58   9 10 0 0 0 3 0 3 2
McMahon, J      19 53 10   9 0 1 0 2 2 0 3 
Nahas, R         19 68 12   7 2 2 0 2 7 1 1 
Coughlan, M    17 59   9   8 0 0 1 3 1 1 0 
Jackson, D      17 41 13   4 0 0 0 3 4 3 5 
King, J            17 94   9   8 0 1 0 5 4 2 5 
Morton, M       14 86   7   7 1 0 0 4 8 2 1 
Tambling, R    14 86   6   8 1 1 1 4 1 0 0 
Hislop, T        12 75   8   4 2 0 0 7 0 0 4 
McGuane, L    12 67   4   8 0 0 0 4 3 0 3 
Riewoldt, J     12 50   9   3 1 1 1 3 2 0 1 
Polo, D          11 73   6   5 0 0 2 1 3 1 3 
Rance, A        11 64   3   8 0 0 0 2 5 2 2 
Brown, N       10 70   5   5 0 0 0 2 1 1 1 
Graham, A       9 78   3   6 0 0 0 5 0 0 1 
Edwards, S      8 88   2   6 0 0 0 0 1 2 0
Vickery, T        8 88   4   4 0 0 0 3 1 2 1
Thursfield, W   6 67   0   6 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 

player           FF FA CP UP I50 A      
Deledio, B        0 1 11 22 3 0       
Tuck, S            0 1   9 17 1 1       
Newman, C       2 0 11 11 2 0     
Bowden, J        0 1   3 22 5 2       
Cousins, B       0 0   5 15 1 1       
McMahon, J      1 0   6 13 2 1     
Nahas, R         2 0   8 10 6 1       
Coughlan, M    1 0   3 15 0 0       
Jackson, D      0 0   3 15 4 1     
King, J            2 5   7 10 1 0     
Morton, M       2 1   7   6 0 0     
Tambling, R     2 0   8  6 0 2     
Hislop, T         0 4   2 11 0 0     
McGuane, L     1 0   3 10 2 0     
Riewoldt, J      2 0   7   5 2 2       
Polo, D           1 0   7   3 1 0     
Rance, A         0 1   5   6 0 0     
Brown, N        0 1   5   5 2 0     
Graham, A      0 0   1   8 0 0       
Edwards, S     1 0   7   2 0 1     
Vickery, T       0 0   3   4 1 0   
Thursfield, W  0 1   2   4 0 0

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Surging Pies brutalise impotent Tigers (Age)
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2009, 04:44:24 AM »
Surging Pies brutalise impotent Tigers
Rohan Connolly | August 16, 2009

THIS was a terrific contest - for all of 10 minutes. In that time, Richmond was fierce, committed, determined to give the retiring Joel Bowden a suitable send-off. The Tigers tackled hard and, with early goals to Jack Riewoldt and Mitch Morton, took a seven-point lead. Then reality set it. With a thud.

Collingwood didn't just awake. It stirred with a sore head, intent on stamping out any potential uprising. And the rest of the first quarter was so abjectly lopsided, it finished not just with the contest effectively over, but the Pies so dominant you feared for the scale of Richmond's embarrassment were it allowed to continue for another three terms.

The natural order of things began to be restored when Paul Medhurst goaled from a free kick. A couple of minutes later, Heath Shaw snapped one on the run. A few minutes after that, it was Tarkyn Lockyer's turn. Then Travis Cloke nailed Alex Rance in a tackle and converted the spoils. Leon Davis snapped one from the pocket. Then the one by Dane Swan that really summed things up.

Medhurst and Dale Thomas had worked feverishly to keep the ball alive just inside the boundary, the spoils of those efforts pumped into the goal square. Swan was against Richmond pair Luke McGuane and Daniel Jackson, his shadow, but that pair simply got in each other's way, the prolific Magpie ball-winner strolling into an open goal.

That made it six unanswered goals, the Pies having by then had the previous 12 inside 50s, a cause for plenty of Tiger embarrassment, compounded further when Cloke kicked the first goal of the second term and Brad Dick bounced one through.

By now, Richmond was a laughing stock, a humiliation ringing through what happened next. Feisty Jake King's frustration boiled over, leaving his man Alan Didak doubled over. Didak, himself now steaming, tried to take on King from the resultant free kick, was set upon by King, and the situation exploded into the closest thing AFL football sees these days to an all-in brawl.

King left the field soon after, his jumper ripped to shreds, the Tigers' faithful cheering him wildly in the absence of any actual goals. Which gives you an idea just how desperate this club's supporters are for someone to at least show some spirit at the moment, let alone some skill.

Robin Nahas ran into an open goal around then, a quarter-and-a-half after the previous Richmond goal, and you thought, fleetingly, that maybe the fireworks might be a precursor to a bit of a Tiger fightback. And you were wrong.

Instead, it was the Pies who kicked the last four goals of the half to make it 70 points by the long break, 13 goals to three.

The second half served merely as practice for the Pies, and for Richmond, a chance to find Bowden some of his final possessions in AFL football, a task completed successfully, the veteran finishing with 24 disposals after having had just three to half-time.

But the slaughter essentially continued apace, Didak utilising the opportunity to work through his ruffled feathers, a job he accomplished successfully. Cloke and fellow key forward John Anthony continued to work themselves into some touch, a combined 36 disposals, 16 marks, and a perhaps slightly wasteful 5.6.

They offered Collingwood the sort of targets of which the Tigers could only dream, by late in the third term the Magpies having taken 14 marks inside their forward 50 to Richmond's miserable three.

Around the ground, it was little more than a ''net session''. Shane O'Bree and Scott Pendlebury were their usual productive selves, Dayne Beams continued to rack them up, tough, skillful and with a cool head belying his 19 years underlining his status as one of the finds of 2009.

It was a good day for two Pies trying to shore up their spot in this potential grand final side, a reborn Ben Johnson, and an ever-improving Sharrod Wellingham. There was even time for Harry O'Brien, strong all day in defence, to creep forward in the third term and kick the sixth goal of his 80-game career.

The last quarter was little more than a yawn without even a torrent of Collingwood goals to satisfy some ghoulishness, Pendlebury taking the margin out to as much as 107 points before Richard Tambling and Tom Hislop kicked the final two to bring it back under three figures.

Hislop also managed a couple of unnecessary cheap shots in the last few minutes, begging the obvious question, where was the real toughness when the game was up for grabs?

And, frankly, that's a question not only he, but an entire football club need to find an answer to sooner than later if whichever candidate ends up coaching Richmond next year is to inherit a side with real potential for improvement, not the embarrassingly inept bunch that turned up yesterday.

Collingwood: Beams, Swan, Pendlebury, Shaw, Johnson, Cloke, Didak.
Richmond: Deledio, Tuck, Cousins, Newman.

INJURIES Richmond: White (hamstring tightness) replaced in selected team by Coughlan.

Richmond: King for allegedly striking Didak (Collingwood) by umpire James during the second quarter. Hislop for alleged rough conduct against O'Bree (Collingwood) by umpire Avon during the final quarter.

Meet the Collingwood midfield: Dayne Beams, Dane Swan, Shane O'Bree, and Scott Pendlebury all passed the 30-possession mark, with Alan Didak and Ben Johnson only a smidgen behind. They not only got the ball moving their team's way first and more often, but did it with far more precision and thought.

It came early, but Richmond was doubling Collingwood's contested possession and held a small lead when Heath Shaw nudged Jack Riewoldt in the back, deep in the Magpies' forward line, and gave up a free kick. Riewoldt's kick across goal missed its target and hit the ground, Shaw swooped on the spill and Collingwood was never again threatened after his running goal.

Collingwood confirmed its spot in the top four by doing what it should have done - thumping a team it is much better than - and maintained some breathing space ahead of the Western Bulldogs and Adelaide. Third spot looks almost the Magpies' for good now.

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No king-hits, just 'spotfire' scuffles (Age)
« Reply #4 on: August 16, 2009, 04:46:00 AM »
No king-hits, just 'spotfire' scuffles
Jesse Hogan | August 16, 2009

THE RAPTUROUS cheers from the Collingwood hordes over a skilful snapped goal from Brad Dick in the second quarter were replaced by coordinated howls of outrage when they realised their star No. 4, Alan Didak, had - mysteriously - been felled. His opponent? Jake King.

A few of Didak's teammates dashed in to fly the flag, but their anger was muted by the intervention of umpire Mathew James, who immediately reported King and gave the Magpies a free kick. But it was only temporary - when the kick did not create a goal the mayhem began.

Dick was the first one to fly in to crunch King, followed immediately by a flock of Magpies. Then the Richmond blokes responded, defending their besieged teammate.

In a flash, the MCG centre was a dotted with spotfires. It was not an all-in brawl in the traditional sense, as the players weren't all huddled around a central point but were instead spread between about a dozen groups.

Umpires are instructed that the best remedy for melees is to keep the play going at all costs. But that only works when players are more concerned about the game than the biff - which definitely was not the case yesterday during the most eventful minute of the match. Only about half a dozen players were not involved in the skirmish.

The reason, according to Heath Shaw afterwards, was the Magpies' commitment to uphold their team motto: side by side.

''One of our guys was getting roughed up a fair bit and we wanted to stick up for him - that's just the way it goes,'' he said. ''One in, all in, everyone's in it together.''

Both Didak and King were taken from the ground as the fireworks subsided, both warmly applauded by their respective supporters.

Their stint off the ground lasted only three minutes, yet within a couple of minutes it was Didak's turn to enrage opposition supporters, after turning sideways and collecting crouching Tiger Mark Coughlan with his hip. Cue another scuffle.

As Richmond pulled a goal back, umpire James dashed to the wing to deliver the pair a blunt warning: ''Guys, there's eight sets of eyes on you now. Don't do anything stupid.''

And that was just the umpires' eyes. With the result decided, a fair proportion of the 63,366 spectators would have been looking in their direction, too.

Late in the second quarter, Didak spilled a one-handed marking attempt against King, only to win a soft free kick for being held. He rammed through the set shot from 10 metres and immediately got into King's face and celebrated the goal.

In the third quarter, the physical niggling between the players seemed to have died down, but it ratcheted back up again when Leon Davis snapped a goal barely a second before the three-quarter-time siren to extend the margin to 97 points. Didak - and Shaw and Collingwood captain Nick Maxwell - gloated about it to King.

The only time Didak and King's interchange breaks did not occur in unison was at the 10-minute mark of the last, when the Magpie ran on to the field but was not followed by a seemingly spent King.

He went completely unchecked for the next five minutes - making the most of his freedom with a string of possessions - until King finally returned to resume their duel.

Didak's ability was widely queried when he was held to 12 possessions by Ben McGlynn against Hawthorn last month, but yesterday he still collected 29 possessions, helped by his extraordinary burst of speed from stoppages.

King's last contribution for the match was to spill a chest mark five seconds before the final siren - predictably, to loud jeers. As soon as the match ended King, public enemy No. 1 for Magpie Army, embraced Didak - half hug, half pat on the head - and was similarly embraced. He received the same reactions after seeking out Maxwell and Shaw.

While that gap between the in-game animosity and after-match geniality was stark, Shaw insisted it was ''just the way footy is just the way Australian sport is''.

''I know 'Kingy'. I played a bit of junior footy with him.

''He's just doing his job. It's not the best job in the world but that's what the coach is asking him to do,'' Shaw said.

''He [King] is a bit of a pain in the arse but he is a good bloke.

''When you cross that white line you do anything for the team. After that, everyone's friends.''

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Re: Media articles & Stats: Tigers fall by 93 points to Pies
« Reply #5 on: August 16, 2009, 12:01:57 PM »
A few/most Richmond players should read that article

Good work Kingy, he also had only 1 inefficient disposal for the game.

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Re: No king-hits, just 'spotfire' scuffles (Age)
« Reply #6 on: August 17, 2009, 10:47:12 AM »
The reason, according to Heath Shaw afterwards, was the Magpies' commitment to uphold their team motto: side by side.

''One of our guys was getting roughed up a fair bit and we wanted to stick up for him - that's just the way it goes,'' he said. ''One in, all in, everyone's in it together.''

Geez, wouldn't it be nice to have that in our team.