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Another Giants goal from our dumbness.

52 - 60
Took the newbie Coulthard who hasn't been 2023 Richmondized yet to finally put one through the middle  :gotigers.

Rich  6.16-52
GWS  8.6-54

23 mins Q3

El Nour intercepts at HB. Gets to Brindley at HF to Biggie in the pocket. Misses of course like everyone else. 1.6 to Biggie.

46 - 53
Sonsie long inside 50. Bilston-McGillen does well initially to bring the ball to ground and win it but he misses running into goal as well  :scream

45 - 51

Amateur hour!
Of course, when the Giants go inside 50 they take their chances.

44 - 51
Absolutely stuffing pathetic. Auskick kids could kick these.
Transition by hand out of defence. Johnson long and Miller marks 35 out. He misses as well  ::).

44 - 45
Not seeing what Richmond likes about Bradtke. Needs to lead or play in front. Looks lazy and slow.
Throw-in by the point post. Olden crumbs the ball but misses a sitter 15m out.

43 - 45

Just shooting ourselves in the foot in front of the sticks  :banghead.
Dropped marks at both ends :facepalm. GWS gifted another goal and the lead.

42 - 45

Perfect kick by Coulthard to Bradtke on the lead but he dropped it.

Then at the other end, 3 Tiger defenders contest 10m out from the Giants goal. None of them can mark it spoiling each other and the GWS ruckman runs into an open goal :facepalm.
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