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Welcome & Guidelines
« on: May 07, 2004, 12:44:16 PM »
Firstly, on behalf of MT and myself:

Welcome to the One-eyed Richmond Tiger Forum. We hope that everyone will enjoy the features and stories we have put on this site. We are happy to receive suggestions and encourage feedback because it will enable us to continue building a better site for Richmond fans.

What would a forum be without a few guidelines for posting?

Our rules are very straight forward and listed below. If anyone has questions or requires clarification regarding any of our posting rules please contact us and we will happily sort out your concerns.

1.   No swearing or abusive language. The forum does have a “swear filter” and some people (like myself) are pretty lousy at typing but continually posting to test the filter will result in the member firstly being warned and then dropped to the “swear bench” for 7 days.

2.   Plagiarism: will not and cannot be allowed. If you are posting threads that are direct copies from other sites (eg Real Footy, RFC website etc) and this includes other “unofficial” sites you must quote the source/link. Also, we request that if you use information from this site as discussion topics on other forums that you quote OER as the source and post the appropriate link. Due to legal requirements failure to quote the correct source/link will result in the post being either edited if we can locate the source or removed. Before resorting to removing any post we will endeavour to contact the original OER poster to get them to edit their post. If we are unable to do that OER will endeavour to find the source and edit the post.

3.   The Eye of the Tiger section of the RFC: Under no circumstances are full articles from this section of the RFC site to be posted on the OER Tiger Forum. This is a request from the Club and as the section is designed to be an extra benefit for “paying” members of the Club we have agreed that this is not an unreasonable request. However, discussion about topics that are posted there can take place on our Forum. Any thread that contains complete articles from the Eye of the Tiger section will be removed.

4.   Personal Attacks: We appreciate that people have different opinions and we encourage people to share their views. However, publicly ridiculing or attacking someone’s character because they do not agree with your view and because they post a view that opposes yours cannot and will not be allowed. Posts of this nature will be removed and the poster warned.

5.   Banning Posters: We take the view that the forum should be fun for everyone. We don’t want to ban anyone from being involved. However, we will have no choice but to ban any members who continually break the rules listed above.

Please understand that we are not trying to be heavy handed. We want this forum to be enjoyable for all members and visitors. Please remember that almost all members of the One-eyed Richmond Tiger forum barrack for and are passionate about the same side - the Mighty Tigers  :)

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