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Tigers claim Kevin Sheedy Cup
By Jason Phelan and Callum Twomey
10:31 PM Sat 21 May, 2011

Richmond     2.3   6.5   13.8  16.9    (105)
Essendon      2.2   6.6   9.10  13.11   (89)

Richmond: Riewoldt 4, King 3, Vickery 3, Nahas 2, Cotchin, Foley, Helbig, Newman
Essendon: Jetta 3, Monfries 3, Zaharakis 3, Crameri, Davey, Hille, Howlett

Richmond: Cotchin, Deledio, Martin, Newman, Nahas, Riewoldt
Essendon: Jetta, Heppell, Lonergan, Lovett-Murray, McVeigh, Hille

Richmond: Nil
Essendon: Jetta (mouth)

Richmond: Shane Tuck replaced by Mitch Farmer in the third quarter
Essendon: Kyle Reimers replaced by Alwyn Davey in the third quarter

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Stewart, Ryan, Jeffery

Official crowd: 83, 563 at the MCG


RICHMOND has seen off a spirited challenge by an undermanned Essendon outfit to record an exhilarating 16-point win in front of 83,563 fans at the MCG on Saturday night.

The match was the seventh since the Dreamtime at the 'G concept was established in 2005 with the Tigers' - 16.9 (105) to 13.11 (89) - win establishing a 4-3 lead overall.

The Bombers lost skipper Jobe Watson and Heath Hocking after last weekend's win over the Brisbane Lions and were without players of the calibre of Tayte Pears, Jason Winderlich and Michael Hurley; but they showed plenty of fight to be just 10 points down with 27 minutes played in the last quarter.

With both teams squandering chances in the desperately tense final minutes, Tyrone Vickery rose to the occasion and sealed a famous win with his third goal of the night.
Who was your ME Bank Fair Play Player of the week? Vote here

Damien Hardwick demanded a greater defensive emphasis from his players after last weekend's shootout against the Western Bulldogs and the Tigers certainly obliged their coach in the first quarter.

James Hird did his best to stretch the young Richmond back six with David Hille, Paddy Ryder and Stewart Crameri all inside attacking 50, but the Bombers only managed to get it down to their tall timber nine times.

When they did, Alex Rance, Dylan Grimes and Luke McGuane were equal to the task more often than not.

A quarter played largely between the arcs produced two goals to each team, but the Tigers were able to take a one-point lead into a second term that was the polar opposite.

In this quarter the lead changed hands seven times with Essendon edging in front by a point at the main break.

Two goals to Jack Riewoldt helped Richmond bounce out to a 22-point lead at three-quarter time, which was a game-high at that point.

Nathan Foley's goal, after the Bombers pushed hard in the early minutes of the final term, edged the lead out to 23 points, but the brave Bombers agains closed, making the Tigers earn their fourth win of the season.

Turning point
Alwyn Davey was subbed on for Kyle Reimers in the 16th minute of the third quarter and his first act was to encroach over the mark and give away a 50m penalty. Trent Cotchin's goal from close range gave the Tigers back the lead and they didn't give it up.

Talking point
The Tigers were on the wrong end of a contentious deliberate rushed behind decision when Luke McGuane was penalised against St Kilda in round two and it happened again in the third quarter here.

Shaun Grigg looked for the safety of the goal line when he handballed through with Leroy Jetta in hot pursuit, but was dismayed to hear the umpire's whistle. Jetta's resultant goal gave the Bombers a brief lead.

Magic moment
Jack Riewoldt and Jake King ignited a contest that had sputtered along when they combined to produce the first goal of the game 16 minutes in. Riewoldt threw the ball onto his right boot in heavy traffic after a stoppage and appeared destined for a goal of the year contender when the ball bounced high off its point and invited the Bomber defenders to rush it through.

King, however, was the most alert player on the ground and volleyed the ball through for a team-lifting goal.   

Sartorial splendour
Victorian state MP Bernie Finn controversially referred to the indigenous artwork applied to the famous yellow sash as 'graffiti', but the Tigers' specially-themed Dreamtime at the 'G guernseys looked a million bucks in the heat of battle.

The next four
Richmond: Port Adelaide (TIO), Bye, Sydney Swans (SCG), Brisbane Lions (Gabba)

First quarter
The skills in the Dreamteam at the 'G game were far from flashy in the first term, with the first goal being kicked 16 minutes into the quarter, by lively Richmond forward Jake King. Dyson Heppell was gathering possessions in the back half for the Bombers - he had nine for the term, the most of any player - but Essendon lacked precision with their forward movements, despite a classy finish by David Zaharakis for the Bombers' first goal. The Tigers dominated the clearances for the term (13 to seven in Richmond's favour) but the Bombers hung on for only a one-point deficit.

Second quarter
The game broke open in the second term, with seven lead changes for the term and eight goals, four to each side. The Bombers, though, reversed the quarter-time margin, to be leading by one point at the major change. Leroy Jetta copped a nasty - but accidental - elbow to the face early in the quarter, which resulted in a free kick and a shot at goal taken by teammate Angus Monfries.

Monfries kicked the goal as Jetta left the field under the blood rule. For one of the few times this season, though, Essendon's backline was struggling with its taller opponents: Tiger key forwards Ty Vickery and Jack Riewoldt both kicked two goals for the quarter.

Third quarter
Jetta kicked three goals for the term, but he was playing a lone hand for the Bombers as Richmond skipped away to a 22-point lead at the last change. It was on the back of some quick ball movement from the Tigers' midfield brigade. Robin Nahas led the charge with several telling possessions in the term. After streaming down the wing, he hit Riewoldt on the lead, who kicked the goal, before Nahas himself got on the end of some work in space and kicked a goal. Essendon was winning the tackles, inside 50s, contested possessions and clearances, but clearly not making the most of it with the Tigers in control.

Fourth quarter
Essendon kicked the first goal of the quarter within two minutes through Alwyn Davey to get within 16 points, and had all the momentum early but couldn't translate it on the scoreboard. A goal to Nathan Foley looked to have sealed the win, but Zaharakis' third goal, a cool kick under pressure from half-forward, kept the Bombers in the game with 10 minutes remaining. It was immediately followed by a snap from Monfries and all of a sudden the Bombers were within 11 points. In a pulsating finale, both teams had opportunities at goal. But it was a goal to Vickery from just inside 50 - his third - that finally sealed the game, the Tigers winners by 16 points and Trent Cotchin, winning the best on ground medal.

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I expect to see rance named in the best in other press articles! Cant belive he missed out in this one, maybe they love Jack too much?

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Stats: Tigers vs Bombers
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2011, 03:48:31 AM »
Team Stats

Disposals           374 - 316
Efficiency%          76 - 63   
Kicks                 201 - 195   
Handballs          173 - 121   
Con. Marks          10 - 14
Uncon. Marks       67 - 46   
Tackles                83 - 76   
Clearances           28 - 50   
Clangers              49 - 54   
Frees                   20 - 23
Hitouts                  39 - 54 ............ ( Browne 24, Vickery 8, Post 5, Riewoldt 2 // Bellchambers 25, Ryder 22, Hille 7 )
Con. Possies       142 - 176
Uncon.Possies     231 - 144
Inside 50s            47 - 59
Assists                 15 - 10

Individual Stats

                 Disp.    K     H     G     B    SC    SCA    CM  UM    T    C    Cl   FF  FA    CP   UP  In50   A   Eff

B.Deledio       34    13    21    0    1    113    108    0    4      4    3    3    1    1    10    24    3    0    74%
T.Cotchin       29    22      7    1    1    112    102    0    3      5    8    5    2    3    15    14    9    0    55%
C.Newman     27    17    10    1    0    124    101    0    7      3    1    4    0    2      8    16    3    0    81%
D.Martin        26    15    11    0    0    110    105    1    4      5    0    4    1    3      8    18    6    1    77%
R.Conca         23    14      9    0    1      93      67    0    8      3    4    2    2    0      7    14    4    1    87%
A.Rance         22    11    11    0    0    125      87    1    4      5    0    2    5    0    11    13    0    0    86%
S.Grigg          20      8    12    0    0      56     81    0    4      0    0    5    0    2      4    16    1    0    75%
B.Houli          19      9    10    0    0      83      76    0    4      3    0    1    1    1      4    13    1    1    84%
R.Nahas         19    15      4    2    1      90      89    0    3      2    0    2    0    0      4    15    3    1    74%
N.Foley          18    10      8    1    0      94      87    0    4      6    1    1    0    0      5    13    2    1    72%
J.Batchelor     17    10      7    0    0      76      58    0    5      5    0    0    1    0      4    13    1    0    82%
D.Grimes        16      7      9    0    0      94      63    0    1      5    0    1    2    1      7    10    1    0    88%
A.Browne        15      1    14    0    0      58      58    1    5      4    1    6    1    4      5    11    0    0    87%
J.King             12      7      5    3    1      85      68    1    0      3    1    2    1    1      7      4    2    1    83%
L.McGuane      12      3      9    0    0      71      58    0    2      4    1    1    1    0      3      8    0    0    92%
J.Post             12      5      7    0    1      53      53    2    3      1    1    2    0    1      5      7    1    1    67%
S.Tuck            12      7      5    0    0      51      47    1    3      3    2    2    0    1      6      7    3    0    58%
D.Jackson       10      6      4    0    2      51      92    0    1    10    3    2    0    2      6      5    0    0    30%
T.Vickery        10      8      2    3    0      90      63    2    1      2    0    0    2    0      6      4    4    0   100%
J.Riewoldt         9      8      1    4    0    104      86    1    1      5    1    2    0    1      9      1    1    2    78%
M.Farmer          6      3      3    0    0      29      29    0    0      2    1    1    0    0      6      1    1    0    33%
B.Helbig            6      2      4    1    0      33      33    0    0      3    0    1    0    0      2      4    1    0    83%

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Richmond dream alive after win against Essendon at the MCG

    Mark Stevens
    From: Herald Sun
    May 21, 2011 8:21PM

THIS was the night of the unusual suspect.

There has been plenty about Trent Cotchin, Jack Riewoldt and Dustin Martin, but the performance of Tyrone Vickery said as much about where Richmond is heading.

Written off by many as a wasted first-round pick in the dark days last year, Vickery has arrived as a potential 10-year star.

There have been signs all season, but Vickery's three goals were telling as Essendon struggled to find a worthy marking target at the other end.

To cap off his clean work in the air, he kicked truly from 40m to finally put a persistent Essendon away.

Last year he might have fluffed it. This year he connected sweetly and sent it sailing over the goal umpire's head.

Vickery's new-found poise is synonymous with a Richmond team now eyeing a finals series after a stirring 16-point win.

Cotchin had 29 disposals, again showing off the cleanest of hands, and going head-first into every pack available.

Martin won 26 disposals and fired off two telling handballs for Robin Nahas goals.

Riewoldt kicked four and set up others to Jake King and Nathan Foley, the latter with a 50m left-foot pass.

When you throw in 34 disposals from a relentless Brett Deledio, there is now some serious star power at Tigerland.

Richmond did not have a single indigenous player in its time last night, but that will not stop anybody involved at Punt Rd from dreaming.

Essendon was undermanned in the midfield without skipper Jobe Watson and offsider Heath Hocking, and sadly missed the option of going to Michael Hurley up forward.

Stewart Crameri, so good in the first six weeks, had his second poor game in a row and too much was left to crumbers David Zaharakis and Angus Monfries.

The Bombers had 12 more inside 50s and won the contested possession, but Richmond's sizzling ball movement was the difference.

And with Riewoldt patrolling deep, and Vickery providing an option further up the ground, the Tigers looked so much more dangerous.

The Tigers set up the win with a burst late in the third term after trading blow for blow in a match befitting the "Dreamtime at the G" hype.

It looked like Essendon might have gained a momentum shift 12 minutes into the third when Tiger Shaun Grigg was penalised for a deliberate rushed behind.

With Leroy Jetta on his tail, Grigg had the option of handballing to teammate Reece Conca but instead squirted it to the left and through the goals.

Grigg may have hoped it would be deemed accidental, but he was pinged and Jetta slotted a goal to put the Bombers two points ahead.

But three minutes later, the decision was neutralised when Essendon's Alwyn Davey, freshly subbed on, grabbed Cotchin before he played on and conceded a 50m penalty and goal.

Richmond kicked the next two goals via Riewoldt and the Tigers had a break.

The lead extended to 22 points 25 minutes into the third when Martin fired off a brilliant handball to Nahas, who snapped a goal.

From there, it was always going to be hard for the Bombers - even if four last-term goals put the shudders through Richmond fans.

When Monfries snapped a goal entering time-on, the difference was 10 points and the Tigers of old might have stumbled with stage fright.

But this is a new breed. That man Vickery was not going to let it slip.



RICHMOND 2.3 6.5 13.8 16.9 (105)
ESSENDON 2.2 6.6 9.10 13.11 (89)

Goals: Richmond: J Riewoldt 4 J King 3 T Vickery 3 R Nahas 2 B Helbig C Newman N Foley T Cotchin.
Essendon: A Monfries 3 D Zaharakis 3 L Jetta 3 A Davey B Howlett D Hille S Crameri.

Best: Richmond: Cotchin, Deledio, Rance, Martin, Vickery, Newman.
Essendon: Zaharakis, Lonergan, Heppell, Jetta, Monfries, McVeigh.

Umpires: Shaun Ryan, Scott Jeffery, Shane Stewart.
Official Crowd: 83,563 at MCG.

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Tigers rise to Dons' challenge (Age)
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2011, 04:24:23 AM »
Tigers rise to Dons' challenge
Emma Quayle
May 22, 2011

RICHMOND 2.3 6.5 13.8 16.9 (105)
ESSENDON 2.2 6.6 9.10 13.11 (89)

Richmond: Riewoldt 4, King 3, Vickery 3, Nahas 2, Helbig, Newman, Foley, Cotchin.
Essendon: Monfries 3, Zaharakis 3, Jetta 3, Davey, Howlett, Hille, Crameri.

Richmond: Cotchin, Deledio, Newman, Vickery, Conca, Rance, Grimes, Martin.
Essendon: Lonergan, Heppell, Jetta, Zaharakis, McVeigh, Lovett-Murray, Hardingham.

UMPIRES Ryan, Jeffery, Stewart.
CROWD 83,563 at MCG.


BEFORE James Hird became coach of Essendon, the perception outside the club was that he would barely have a midfield to work with.

It's an idea Jobe Watson, Heath Hocking, Sam Lonergan, Ben Howlett, Brent Stanton and Jake Melksham, among others, have worked hard to prove wrong in the first eight weeks of the season, yet it was where last night's match against Richmond appeared to bubble down to.

The Bombers have kicked a lot of good scores this year, and the Tigers' defence has been prised open for at least a part of each week. But with Watson out injured, Hocking out suspended and the best of Richmond's young talent playing though the middle, would the Bombers be able to get the ball forward enough times to win?

This game loomed as a test of how far Essendon's improved on-ball brigade has come, and it also asked a question of Richmond's golden kids: could they put away a group of players missing two on-ball keys and who they have more natural talent than, and not expose their defenders to the sort of inside-50 avalanche they probably couldn't survive? This was how things looked, at least. As is often the way, the game played out in quite a different way.

Essendon didn't ask one or two players to step in for Hocking and Watson: it asked half the team. Lonergan gritted his teeth and won a heap of clearances, and Mark McVeigh did his bit, too. Howlett, Dyson Heppell, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Angus Monfries, David Myers, Stanton and Stewart Crameri spent parts of the game on the ball, and the Bombers were good enough in there to give themselves a chance.

After Richmond dominated most of the first-quarter clearances, they won the second term 15-3, and were just as good in the third term. Heppell, McVeigh and Lonergan could barely have done any more to actually win the ball, but once the 'winning' part was done was where their problems started to set in.

After a tight first quarter - the highlight was early draft picks Reece Conca and Heppell trying to look more poised, smart and cool than each other across their respective half-back lines - Essendon started to win more clearances but fail to take make the most of them. While Patrick Ryder and David Hille had looked threatening early, and Crameri had kicked a first-quarter goal, Essendon didn't kick the ball forward with the boldness or persistence that it has for most of the year.

The Dons weren't taking marks, they weren't taking their best options and although David Zaharakis found the ball, they weren't getting it into the hands of their best deliverers. At the other other end the Tigers didn't want to let any chance pass, and got goals out of the sort of moments the Bombers were letting pass.

Jack Riewoldt wasn't grabbing marks - at least until one big grab in the goal square - but he was keeping his feet as others fell around him, and creating goals that way. Jake King wasn't as involved as he has been in recent weeks but when he did get into things, he was scoring.

At the other end, Essendon's confusion was compounded by the fact Conca, Alex Rance, Dylan Grimes and Luke McGuane, to begin with, were looking a much more assured combination than they have. They were making their spoils, getting into space, and although Essendon upped the pressure in a major way from time to time - Leroy Jetta insisted he kick three third-term goals, such was his desperation to keep chasing - they kept taking deep breaths and getting through the tough times.

This, ultimately, spared the Tigers the sort of early deficit they've had to grind down in recent weeks, and gave their midfield time to simply wear their opponents down.

Down by one point at half-time, Richmond finished the third term 22 points clear, as the likes of Cotchin, Deledio, Martin and Chris Newman became more influential, Newman getting into space that Essendon had worked hard to deny him throughout the opening half.

Essendon started to tire at the same time - the Dons beginning to look like a team in need of the bye they'll get this week, and this in turn created ''easier'' goals - to Newman in so much space he seemed to look around in disbelief, to Riewoldt out the back of a marking contest, to Nahas, who threw a quick bouncing snap forward and to the brilliant Cotchin, who sucked Alwyn Davey into giving away a 50-metre penalty after marking at half-forward and scored from the goal line. Essendon didn't give in. Lonergan worked hard from start to finish, Jetta did the same and Zaharakis did his best to keep the scoreboard ticking over. Goals to him, Davey and two to Monfries got the Bombers back to within two goals twice in the first half of the final term, but this ended up being another challenge that the Tigers were able to rise too.

They saw off a few more forward thrusts and, through Nahas and an on-the-run Tyrone Vickery, scored two goals of their own to keep the Bombers at bay each time they seemed to build up a little bit of momentum.

Richmond has looked a better, more capable side since the start of the season, yet last night they got what they hadn't yet produced: a solid, consistent, start-to-finish performance.


Only Josh Caddy separated Reece Conca and Dyson Heppell on draft night last November. Richmond had its heart set on West Australian Conca for much of the year, picking him at No. 6, and Essendon grabbed Heppell. Both have made strong early impressions this year, and both were influential last night. Playing across half back, both showed off what they were drafted for: poise, ability to read the play, and nice foot skills. Expect them to be compared more than once, as their careers unfold.


Expect the advantage rule to be discussed at length again this week, with two second quarter free kicks to Essendon interpreted in completely different ways - The first saw Mark McVeigh called back, the second had Ben Howlett streaming forward and kicking a goal from 50 metres.

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I expect to see rance named in the best in other press articles! Cant belive he missed out in this one, maybe they love Jack too much?

Agree GR12.  I was also astounded to see Conca miss out on our bests.  Geez, what does the kid have to do?

Edit:  And now having read the whole thread, Emma Quayle appears to have been the only journo who actually watched the game.


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Emma is what journos should be - knowledgeable and does a  shedload of background checking/analysis. You can tell she watches a game not just drawing the short straw and watching a few highlights and looking at stats to write up a fluff piece

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yeah, agree about emma. one of the few journos that i have any real time for.
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what poos me is how they all say an "undermanned" bomber team

stuffing excuses, we had important players to our structure out too

matty white, edwards, and miller have been very important in out structure

so why dont the stuffen journos say an undermanned tiger outfit ran over an undermanned overrated bomber outfit :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead

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As well as all the talk of the Bombers needing the bye and being tired blah blah.... well we also haven't had the bye yet either.

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Re: Media articles and Stats: Tigers claim Kevin Sheedy Cup over Bombers
« Reply #10 on: May 23, 2011, 11:03:49 AM »
well we've won 8 out of the last 11 against Essendon so i'd be making excuses too  ;D