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OER Preview - Round 2 - Tiges vs Hawks
« on: April 02, 2005, 04:47:46 AM »


After a mauling after quarter time last week from the Cats, the Tiges were dealt further bad news off-field when one of it's major sponsors, the TAC, pulled out after Jay Schulz was caught for drive-driving and speeding midweek. It is in the face of this predictament that Richmond enter Sunday's game against the Hawks. What effect this will have on the playing group is unknown - has it distracted the team's preparation for the match or will it provide some desperately needed backbone under a "backs to the wall" scenario. The Tigers have been bolstered at the selection table with Greg Stafford and Brent Hartigan coming in for the disappointing Ray Hall and Tom Roach both omitted.

Hawthorn themselves copped a hiding from the Swans in their first match for the season playing a very similar style of footy as we did overpossessing especially by hand and with numerous errors and turnovers. The Hawks though were strengthened regaining the services of Sam Mitchell in the midfield, John Barker up forward and Beaumont in defence. There's still a question mark over Barker as he hardly trained and did no running. Young tall Simon Taylor may replace him as Everitt is currently the only ruckman in the named Hawthorn 22. 


Overall: 79-61

In the 00's: 4-4

At the M.C.G.: 13-20

Last Time:

Round 21, 22.08.04. Away at the M.C.G.

Richmond  3.3 7.5 9.7 13.8-86
Hawthorn  7.4 9.6 13.10 16.13-109

Multiple Goalkickers: Richmond - Richardson 4; Hawthorn - Everitt 3, Lonie 2, Bateman 2, Smith 2.

Attendance: 27,007   


DEFENCE: Despite conceding a whopping 25 goals, it was still difficult to gauge how well or poorly our back six played last week as a unit given the ball was coming into the Geelong forward line regularly without any midfield pressure. Gas looked back to near his pre-reco movement which was pleasing and played quite well while Newman did a good job containing the dangerous Ablett. However our other KP backmen in Kellaway and Hall (subsequently dropped) along with a lost Tivas were most disappointing.

The saving grace this week though is the worst defence in league is facing off against the worst attack. The Hawks could only manage  8 goals from a low 37 inside 50's against the Swans. A poor return from their forward line in what was perfect conditions on the small S.C.G arena. Hawthorn's problems stem from the fact they still rely on the same old names from their last finals appearance in 2001 of Nick Holland, John Barker and Ben Dixon up forward to kick a winning score. The only addition in recent times has been the speedy Mark Williams who has caused the Tigers a few problems in the past. So much so that now ex-Tiger Ty Zantuck spent his last game in yellow and black slamming Williams' head into the M.C.G. turf. I would expect Newman most likely will be asked to shut him down. Gas on Holland and Bowden on Barker (if he plays) seem the obvious tall match-ups. Kellaway would then mind Dixon. 

MIDFIELD: After the first 20 minutes last week our midfield was blown away by a more skilled, quick, desperate and very well organised Geelong side. Many of our name players had little impact. We can't afford a similar "effort" this week even against a side that belong down at our level as Everitt, Crawford, Mitchell and Vandenberg do make a handy foursome if allowed to run at will without any pressure. The problem for the Hawks is similar to that for Richmond. The midfield rotation only goes so far in depth. Hawthorn will be hoping Mitchell with strengthen them while we'll be wanting more influence and impact from Johnson, Cogs, Krakouer, Bowden and Browny. I'm nervous about Chaffey tagging Crawford or Mitchell. In the ruck the Hawks will be hoping the in-form Everitt can repeat his performance from last time against the Tiges when he had 42 hitouts and 3 goals. Mind you that was against Hall and Ben Marsh. On Sunday he should find it more difficult contending with Simmonds (quiet last week) and Knobel while reacquainting himself with Stafford :). When resting we should have an advantage as the Hawkers will have to rely on Holland or Croad to fill in towards the end of each quarter.

FORWARDS: While 15 goals was a fair return in a losing side and the 6th highest score for the round most of those came in the first and last quarters. The latter being in junk time. Once again the all too familiar slow and woeful delivery that failed to hit leads (even from our  supposedly skilled name players) and lack of pressure to keep the ball inside our forward line allowing the opposition to easily counterattack was our undoing. The likes of Joel Smith would lap up a repeat error-riddened performance especially if we are stupid enough to leave him to his own devices. On the other hand, Hawthorn 's defence were unable to stop the likes of Barry Hall, Jolly and Nick Davis. We have plenty of weapons up forward in Richo, Simmonds, Stafford to cause the Hay and Croad problems along with Krakouer, Browny and Cambo at ground level; it's just a question of being able to give them quality ball often enough.   

Overall: I'll tip the Tiges but not with any confidence. Still an even money contest with possibly who gets off to a good start going on to win (based on past recent history between the teams). The result will come down to which side uses the ball better, exerts pressure and can provide their forwards with enough decent and quick ball. Something we were woeful at against Geelong. We had the lowest tackle and 1%er count in the comp last week. Hawthorn produced the most tackles (that can also point to them not getting their hands first on the footy) and were 4th in 1%ers.



B: Kellaway, Gaspar, Chaffey
HB: Tivendale, Bowden, Newman
C: Deledio, Tuck, Hyde
HF: N.Brown, Graham, Krakouer
F: Campbell, Richardson, Simmonds
R: Knobel, Johnson, Coughlan
Int: Stafford, Jackson, Hartigan, Pettifer

IN: Stafford, Hartigan
OUT: Hall, Roach


B: Beaumont, Hay, Thurgood
HB: Smith, Croad, C.Brown
C:  Sewell, Crawford, Vandenberg
HF: Dixon, Barker, Ladson
F: Jacobs, N.Holland, Bateman
R: Everitt, Hodge, Mitchell
Int: Lonie, Miller, M.Williams, Franklin
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