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Tigers go down by eight points | Sun 19 April, 2009


Richmond      2.3     5.6      9.7      13.14 (92)
Melbourne     2.6    10.7    13.11    14.16 (100)

Richmond: Richardson 4, Brown 2, Collins 2, Deledio, McGuane, Moore, Morton, Nahas
Melbourne: Miller 3, Newton 2, Petterd 2, Sylvia 2, Bate, Davey, Dunn, Green, Jetta
Richmond: Bowden, Richardson, Foley, Polo, Tuck, Collins
Melbourne: Davey, Bruce, McLean, Miller, Sylvia, Newton, Bartram

Richmond: Nil
Melbourne: Green (suspected fractured jaw)

Richmond: Nil
Melbourne: Warnock for striking Morton

Umpires: James, Wenn, Findlay (McLaren replaced Wenn during match)

Official crowd: 40,763 at MCG


RICHMOND has been upset by last year's cellar dwellers Melbourne by eight points at the MCG.

The Demons 14.16 (100) to 13.14 (92) win was built on a dominant period of play from midway through the first quarter until half time.

Richmond booted the first goal of the game before the opening bounce via a free kick to Mitch Morton with Demon defender Matthew Warnock reported at the same time.

The Tigers got the second goal of the game to open up a 13-point lead but the game turned quickly.

Despite hitting the post four times in the first quarter, Melbourne led by three points at quarter-time.

But they broke the game apart in a sizzling second term when they booted eight goals to three.
Brad Miller and Colin Sylvia were outstanding in attack but their job was made easier by the Demons tactics of using the corridor.

Melbourne led at half time by 31 points.

Richmond fought back in the third term and controlled the match in general play but was unable to do much damage on the scoreboard.

Matthew Richardson got two goals but Michael Newton matched his efforts at the other end to leave Melbourne 28 points up at the final change.

Kelvin Moore booted the first goal of the final term in his 50th game to give the Tigers a sniff.

But when Petterd replied 12 minutes in, it left the Tigers with the tough task of booting five unanswered goals to win the game.

Goals to Brett Deledio and Richardson gave Richmond another yelp and the Demons lead was down to 15 points with six minutes left on the clock.

But time ran out.

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Richmond falls to AFL wooden spooners Melbourne (AAP)
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Richmond falls to AFL wooden spooners Melbourne
April 19, 2009

MELBOURNE has sunk Richmond and its coach Terry Wallace further into crisis with an eight-point AFL victory at the MCG.

The Demons posted their first win of the season and consigned the Tigers to a fourth successive defeat with a 14.16 (100) to 13.14 (92) triumph.

Rated a potential top eight side at the start of the season, Richmond produced another clueless, skill-free performance and at times were made to look second-rate by last year's wooden spooners.

The Tigers' second quarter was especially poor - the Demons pouring on eight goals to three as midfielder Colin Sylvia ran riot to build their victory platform on a 31-point half-time lead.

While Richmond fought back to within nine points with a Luke McGuane goal with 30 seconds left, it was all too little too late and they never seriously looked like overhauling the Demons.

The defeat now leaves the axe poised over Wallace, whose coaching future has been the subject of feverish speculation over their winless start to the season.

Wallace has failed to get the Tigers to the finals in his four years there, and that looks unlikely to change under his tutelage in 2009.

Only veterans Joel Bowden and Matthew Richardson produced anything worthwhile for the Tigers.

Bowden managed a game-high 44 disposals running loose in defence, while Richardson booted four goals.

Demons forward Brad Miller kicked three goals to lead his side to just their fourth win in the past two seasons.

However, their win may have come at a cost with forward Brad Green taken to hospital with a suspected broken jaw.,25197,25355058-2722,00.html

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Stats: Tigers -vs- Melbourne
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Team Stats

Disposals:      398 - 346
Efficiency%:     78 - 74
Kicks:            210 - 198
Handballs:      188 - 148
Con. Marks:     12 - 11
Uncon. Marks: 115 - 94
Tackles:           56 - 56
Clearances:      33 - 22
Clangers:         50 - 41
Hitouts:           22 - 26
Frees:              14 - 23
Con. Possies:   106 - 114
Uncon.Possies: 294 - 231
Inside 50s:        48 - 52
Assists:            17 - 18

Individual Stats

player          D     EFF%     K     H     G     B     CM     UM     T     CL     C     
Bowden, J        44    86    28    16    0    0    0    13    0    0    0    
Foley, N        32    81    11    21    0    0    0    2    3    5    3    
McMahon, J    28    82    18    10    0    0    0    13    3    1    2    
Tuck, S        25    60    11    14    0    0    0    1    4    6    3    
Deledio, B        23    70    12    11    1    1    0    3    1    4    3    
Polo, D        23    96    9    14    0    0    1    5    2    3    2    
Collins, A        20    65    9    11    2    0    0    6    2    0    4    
Jackson, D    20    70    13    7    0    0    0    5    5    2    0    
Moore, K        19    84    9    10    1    0    1    7    5    0    4    
Rance, A         19    68    5    14    0    0    0    4    5    2    6    
Richardson, M    19    53    15    4    4    5    5    10    0    1    2    
Newman, C    16    94    8    8    0    0    1    3    0    0    2    
McGuane, L    14    86    9    5    1    0    2    5    3    0    2    
Morton, M         14    71    11    3    1    3    1    7    3    1    2    
White, M         14    79    7    7    0    0    0    6    4    3    6    
Simmonds, T    13    85    4    9    0    0    0    2    1    0    3    
Nahas, R        12    83    6    6    1    0    0    4    4    2    2    
Brown, N           11    64    6    5    2    1    0    3    3    0    0           
Riewoldt, J    9    78    7    2    0    0    0    6    1    0    1          
Connors, D    8    75    4    4    0    0    1    4    1    0    1          
Graham, A    8    100    5    3    0    0    0    4    3    0    1           
Hislop, T           7    86    3    4    0    0    0    2    3    3    1    

player     FF     FA     CP     UP     I50     A

Bowden, J     0     0     3     41     3     1                      
Foley, N          0    1    10    22    2    0                
McMahon, J    1    0    2    26    5    2                
Tuck, S          0    2    10    15    3    0                
Deledio, B          1    1    8    15    5    0               
Polo, D          1    2    6    18    2    2               
Collins, A          0    1    1    19    3    1                
Jackson, D    1    0    5    15    3    1               
Moore, K          0    1    5    15    1    0               
Rance, A          1    3    4    15    1    0                
Richardson, M    1    1    6    13    2    3                
Newman, C    0    2    6    9    2    1                
McGuane, L    0    1    6    7    0    0               
Morton, M          0    1    5    10    7    1               
White, M          0    4    4    10    1    1               
Simmonds, T    0    1    2    11    0    0               
Nahas, R          3    1    8    7    0    0               
Brown, N    1    0    5    6    1    0                
Riewoldt, J    1    0    3    6    3    1                
Connors, D    1    0    3    5    3    2                
Graham, A    0    1    1    6    1    0               
Hislop, T          2    0    3    3    0    1

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Demons earn more than four points (Age)
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Demons earn more than four points
Michael Gleeson | April 20, 2009

ONE of the cliches of football is that one win is the same as another. The idea is that games are all worth only four points. Which is true but it is also bunkum.

This was a very big win. But more importantly a very big loss. When and if Richmond wins games at the end of the season when its draw theoretically softens, will those games have been the equal of this match?

There was more at stake for Richmond and its coach in this game than points. Melbourne chairman Jim Stynes admitted after the game what the rest of us know, which is that the Demons do not yet possess a team capable of regular wins.

They know roughly where they figure and so does everyone else, so losing to Melbourne means so much more for Richmond, and for Terry Wallace.

Equally at Melbourne the recent death of club stalwart Sam Alica meant victory was not actually about Richmond at all. Players wore black armbands in honour of the 47-year club veteran who died midweek.

So when players met at the opening, it was not all about an invigorated Richmond seeking to stake its territory.

As a result, the game began before it began. With the time clock yet to start, the siren yet to sound, the ball yet to be bounced, a free kick was paid and a report laid. The formalities followed and within a moment Richmond had scored.

Richmond should have taken this moment as the cue to play. When Nathan Brown goaled minutes later, it was on its way. Melbourne was all a jitter: it hit the post a barely credible four times, including three in three minutes.

It was the sort of quirky statistic appropriate for what was a farcical first term of misuse of the ball. Melbourne had 50 kicks in that first term and 21 missed their mark. Richmond scarcely performed any better.

In the second term Colin Sylvia willed himself into the contest as Paul Johnson and John Meesen offered the Demons' midfield first use of the ball. Sylvia was strong in each pack and dangerous taking the ball inside 50.

He booted two goals from long range and was enormously influential in Melbourne seizing control of the game at that crucial point.

Melbourne went out to a 34-point lead in quick time by taking the game on, breaking through Richmond's haphazard midfield spread and working the ball to Brad Miller, Lynden Dunn, Michael Newton and Ricky Petterd.

Then it ill-advisedly became cute with the ball. It tried to slow the tempo of the game and deny Richmond a momentum swing. It is possibly the right tactic if you have a skilful side. Melbourne is not, so it was only time before the ball was turned over.

Matthew Richardson's foray on a wing had been abandoned for his more familiar place in front of goal and the Tigers quickly kicked three goals, two from the boot of Andy Collins, to trim the lead and bring themselves back into the contest.

The Tigers sought to play man on man after half-time with Wallace imploring his players to demonstrate a desire to fight and retrieve the contest and the match.

They responded in a fashion. They kicked themselves back into the game but it was essentially through Richardson as a target forward and Joel Bowden providing delivery from behind the ball.

Five goals down at the final break the Tigers wasted three early, gettable shots at goal.The Demons booted only one goal in the final term but it was enough of a buffer from the Tigers.

"It's a huge win for us. This week was a bit more meaningful for us Sammy Alica, a club legend passed away last week so it is good to have a win for him," Sylvia said.

MELBOURNE 2.6 10.7 13.11 14.16 (100)
RICHMOND 2.3 5.6 9.7 13.14 (92)

GOALS Melbourne: Miller 3, Sylvia 2, Newton 2, Petterd 2, Davey, Green, Dunn, Bate, Jetta. Richmond: Richardson 4, Collins 2, Brown 2, Deledio, Moore, McGuane, Morton, Nahas.

BEST Melbourne: Sylvia, Davey, Bruce, Miller, Johnson, Jones, Dunn. Richmond: Bowden, Richardson, Foley, Collins, Rance.

INJURIES Melbourne: Green (jaw, concussion).

REPORT Melbourne: Warnock for striking Hislop, before the first bounce, by umpire Robert Findlay.

UMPIRES Wenn, Findlay, James.

CROWD 40,763 at the MCG.

MELBOURNE enjoyed its first home-and-away victory since round 20 last year, its fourth under coach Dean Bailey, and showed that the optimism about the club's imminent future is well founded. Meanwhile Richmond's season and more pointedly the coaching career of Terry Wallace plunged into further turmoil.

MELBOURNE booted five unanswered goals in the opening 13 minutes of the second term. Colin Sylvia was especially damaging during this period, kicking a couple of them. The Tigers weren't only shellshocked after the burst, suddenly they were 34 points down and never managed to make up the difference.

COLIN Sylvia who finished with 19 touches wasn't Melbourne's most prolific ball winner yesterday, but he was undoubtedly his team's most influential player. His second term was a match highlight.
Richmond's oldest players, Joel Bowden and Matthew Richardson, did all they could for their team but had too few junior helpers.

"I think I'm ready for it. I think it would be hard to be much tougher than last week."  TERRY WALLACE on the week ahead.

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Sharpened axe hangs after loss (Age)
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Sharpened axe hangs after loss
Richard Hinds | April 20, 2009

IN 2002, Terry Wallace was signed, sealed but not delivered as coach of Sydney.

As he endures the savage supporter backlash to Richmond's catastrophic loss to Melbourne yesterday, and awaits the reaction of the board of a club that has traditionally shown as much patience with coaches as Henry XVIII did with his wives, it must be tempting for the besieged Tigers coach to play a game of sliding doors.

To wonder whether what would have happened had he, rather than Paul Roos - the man who gazumped him for the Swans coaching position by popular acclaim - had taken the Sydney job.

Would he have achieved ultimate success rather than authoring yet another dark chapter in Richmond's miserable modern history? At the same time, Roos must congratulate himself on his foresight way back in 1999 when the Tigers knocked on his door and he told them he was not ready to coach Richmond - as if anyone ever is.

After Richmond lost the seemingly unloseable match yesterday to a rebuilding Melbourne team that was without several experienced players - and lost one of their few stars in Brad Green early to a broken jaw - the question again must be asked. If the knives are drawn for Wallace this week, who can turn around the fortunes of this faded '70s icon?

After three opening defeats led of intense media scrutiny, the very least expected from Richmond was what Wallace had called a "red hot crack".

Instead, after a first quarter that looked more like a show from the Melbourne Comedy Festival than a top-flight game of football, the Tigers were blown away by the young Demons whose eight goals to three second quarter was the cornerstone of an eight-point victory.

So flat, haphazard and unaccountable were the Tigers at times during a game when their club's future was on the line, you could have been mistaken for believing the players had lost faith in Wallace, not just the supporters - a contention denied by Richmond captain Chris Newman after the game.

"Of course we are [behind him]," Newman said. "He's our coach. We wanted to come out here and put in a four-quarter effort and get the result for him. It's really gut-wrenching to not get that. Everyone is behind him and he doesn't deserve that effort, either do our supporters."

But whether the club's powerbrokers can withstand supporter pressure to make a quick change - the most likely scenario would be to replace Wallace with his assistant, former Richmond skipper Wayne Campbell - remains to be seen. Club president Gary March was interstate yesterday at the wedding of a business associate, which spared him the obvious question.

Instead, Richmond's football operations manager Craig Cameron was left to say he was "pretty confident" Wallace would still be at the helm next Saturday night against North Melbourne - hardly an ironclad assurance given Cameron was the man who said the Tigers would "almost certainly" not draft Ben Cousins the same evening Wallace convinced key board members to reverse that decision.

For his part, Wallace said he had no intention of resigning. "I wouldn't expect my players to [quit]," he said. "I asked them exactly that question at half-time and I didn't think that they did. So I would be a hypocrite if I asked my players to do that, then decided to do the same thing because it was all too hard.

"It's a hard game, a mighty tough game for them going back out after half-time after copping what you get coming off the ground, then to lick your wounds and fight the fight again. They were willing to do that so I am as well."

Yet, even as he talked about the need to improve contested possession and how the pressure Richmond endured had "brought down champion sportsmen all over the world", Wallace is certain to be a victim of his bottom line - just 32 victories from 92 games and no finals appearances in more than four years at the club.

Richmond travel to play the Swans in a fortnight. For a second time, it seems doubtful Wallace will make it to the SCG.