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Tigers fade to 26-point loss
By Mic Cullen 4:45 PM Sat 09 May, 2009

Richmond        4.5  7.6  8.10  10.11 (71)
Brisbane Lions  1.4  7.5  9.7  15.7 (97)

Richmond:  Simmonds 4, Cousins, Deledio, White, Graham, Schulz, Nahas,
Brisbane Lions:  Brown 4, Bradshaw 3, Rischitelli 2, Brennan 2, Harding, Black, Adcock, Sherman

Richmond:  Graham, Foley, McGuane, Deledio, Polo
Brisbane Lions: Black, Brown, Power, Patfull, McDonald, Merrett

Richmond: Rance (concussion)
Brisbane Lions: Nil

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Kennedy, Findlay, Avon
Official crowd: 34.646 at MCG


A DISAPPOINTING Richmond has lost its sixth game of the season, defeated by the Brisbane Lions by 26 points at the MCG on Saturday afternoon.

The Tigers 15.7 (97) to 10.11 (71) loss probably ended any slim hope of a finals berth and was compounded by a severe concussion to youngster Alex Rance after he had contributed well in the first half.

Rance and Joel Selwood smashed heads while contesting a loose ball on the members' wing 12 minutes into the third quarter. Play was halted for four minutes while he was removed on the medicart. He was taken to Epworth Hospital for scans.

Selwood made it to the bench, but couldn't continue – not surprising, given that the players were working at full speed in opposite directions before the collision.

Not that the Lions needed really him; after seizing control halfway through the second term, the visitors kicked 11 of the next 12 goals, the sole goal to the Tigers being a free kick to Troy Simmonds on the three-quarter-time siren.

Richmond had no trouble getting their hands on the ball – finishing with 423 disposals to the Lions' 339 – but their efficiency left something to be desired managing just three goals after half time on the back of largely indirect football.

Easily the best player for the hosts was young Angus Graham in just his ninth game. His work around the ground was excellent and his desperation and second efforts should have sent an example for his more experienced teammates.

But Graham left the field late in the final term with what appeared to be a back injury and will be monitored closely by the Tigers fitness staff.

Troy Simmonds played mostly in the forward line and was the sole target for most of the day, kicking four which included all three of Richmond's second-half goals.

Nathan Foley worked hard all day after being terrific early; Brett Deledio also faded but worked throughout; Luke McGuane was strong in an over-worked defence, while Dean Polo was industrious across half-back. Ben Cousins played but struggled to be effective after a bright start.

Richmond had their best first quarter of the year, but it should have been a lot better still, with several easy misses marring the score sheet. Simmonds made the most of his recall from the VFL kicking the first, before Cousins, who also played at Coburg last week, was dumped behind play after handballing. The resulting 50m free-kick saw him score from the square.

Two more goals saw the Richmond lead increase to 26 points before a Jared Brennan major got it back to 19 at the first change.

The teams went goal for goal in the second but when Richmond stopped playing, it played into the hands of the Lions and their twin targets up forward. Brown and Daniel Bradshaw shared four goals for a quarter in which the Lions kicked six to three, and cut the Tigers’ lead to a solitary point at half time.

Despite being beaten around the ground in the third term, Richmond went into the last break trailing by just three points thanks to Simmonds’ late effort.

But that would be as close as it got. The Lions surged in the final quarter, kicking six goals to two and running out convincing winners.

Next week, the Tigers take on Port Adelaide at AAMI Stadium.

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Stats: Tigers -v- Lions
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Team Stats

Disposals:        424 - 339
Efficiency%:       80 - 79
Kicks:             206 - 186
Handballs:       218 - 153
Con. Marks:       15 - 19
Uncon.Marks:   101 - 98
Tackles:            59 - 45
Clearances:       36 - 20
Clangers:          32 - 35
Hitouts:            33 - 27  (Graham 21, Simmonds 9, Coughlan 2, Tuck 1)
Frees:               20 - 7
Con. Possies:   116 - 96
Uncon.Possies: 312 - 242
Inside 50s:        45 - 44
Assists:            12 - 17

Individual Stats

player           D     EFF%  K     H     G     B     CM     UM     T     CL     C     

Bowden, J         35    71    27    8    0    0    1    6    1    0    5    
Foley, N             31    71    13    18    0    0    0    3    6    7    3    
Deledio, B            30    83    14    16    1    1    0    6    4    1    2    
Polo, D              27    81    9    18    0    1    1    5    4    1    2    
Tambling, R       27    78    14    13    0    2    2    8    2    1    2    
Tuck, S             26    96    9    17    0    0    1    3    1    6    0    
Jackson, D         24    71    14    10    0    0    0    5    7    2    2    
Newman, C        24    88    13    11    0    0    0    6    3    3    1    
Cousins, B         22    82    7    15    1    0    0    3    1    2    1    
Coughlan, M       21    86    10    11    0    0    2    4    2    3    2    
Graham, A         19    84    3    16    1    0    2    6    6    3    0    
Collins, A           17    82    4    13    0    0    0    5    3    1    1
McGuane, L        17    88    8    9    0    1    2    5    3    0    0
Nahas, R           16    63    11    5    1    2    0    5    2    0    3    
White, M            14    86    7    7    1    0    0    4    1    2    2    
Edwards, S         13    69    6    7    0    1    0    5    4    1    1    
Oakley-Nicholls, J 13    69    9    4    0    0    1    8    2    0    1
Rance, A             11    100    2    9    0    0    0    3    0    0    0    
Simmonds, T       11    73    7    4    4    1    2    0    1    1    1    
Schulz, J             10    90    8    2    1    1    1    3    3    0    1
Riewoldt, J            9    67    6    3    0    0    0    5    1    1    1    
Moore, K              7    100    5    2    0    0    0    3    2    1    1

player            FF     FA     CP     UP     I50     A            
Bowden, J          1    0    7    27    5    0               
Foley, N             1    1    11    20    4    1               
Deledio, B          0    1    9    21    3    0                
Polo, D              0    1    7    20    0    0                
Tambling, R       0    0    3    24    2    3                
Tuck, S             1    0    9    17    3    0                
Jackson, D         0    0    2    21    5    0               
Newman, C        1    1    5    19    0    0               
Cousins, B         1    1    6    17    1    0                
Coughlan, M       1    0    7    14    2    2                
Graham, A         2    0    11    8    0    0                
Collins, A           0    0    2    15    2    0                
McGuane, L        1    0    5    13    0    1               
Nahas, R            3    0    6    12    4    3                
White, M            0    1    5    10    2    0                
Edwards, S         0    0    3    11    3    0                
Oakley-Nicholls, J 0    0    2    11    3    0               
Rance, A            2    0    3    8    0    1               
Simmonds, T     3    0    5    6    1    0                
Schulz, J           2    0    5    5    2    1                
Riewoldt, J         0    0    1    8    3    0                
Moore, K           1    1    2    5    0    0

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Woeful Tigers capitulate to resurgent Lions (Age)
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Woeful Tigers capitulate to resurgent Lions
Rohan Connolly | May 10, 2009

RICHMOND has lost plenty of games of football over the modern era. And now it's finding new ways to do so. At least there's a variation on a recurring theme.

Last week, in Sydney, it was a very ordinary first quarter that cost the Tigers victory, just 2.1 while the Swans slammed on 5.6. So yesterday, Richmond came out roaring, and while it was no cricket score, 4.5 at quarter-time represented its best first term of the season, Brisbane Lions having been at the same time held to just 1.4.

So what happened next? Yep, you guessed it, the Tigers mucked up the last two-and-a-half quarters instead. And while the scoreboard at the end told of a 26-point defeat, hardly a pasting, purely in psychological terms, this loss was right down there with the Carlton obliteration in round one and the defeat three weeks ago against the previously winless Melbourne.

Richmond didn't exactly have Brisbane on toast yet early yesterday the Tigers were at least grabbing a couple of slices from the bread bin. Which made their subsequent capitulation once the Lions got their act together even more galling for their fans.

Richmond was 25 points up at the nine-minute mark of the second quarter. It would then concede 11 of the next 12 goals. Angus Graham kicked the Tigers' seventh goal at the nine-minute mark of the second term. Their next would come on the three-quarter-time siren, and the next after that nearly into time-on of the last. Just three goals in the second half won't win you too many games of football.

Any hope that remained of salvaging the result was well and truly gone by the time Jonathan Brown had slammed on Brisbane's fourth goal in just 10 minutes at the start of the last term to give his side the same-sized gap it had been looking anxiously at from the other side of fence earlier. And by then, that start seemed like some long-distant fairytale. In that story, Richmond was "on" at the first bounce.

A full-on defensive zone made life very difficult for Brisbane's ball carriers, forced into hurried disposal and forced wide.

And after a couple of wasted chances, the Tigers started to make it count on the scoreboard, too.

Ben Cousins and Troy Simmonds emerged from the interchange bench just before the nine-minute mark, and had an immediate impact. Simmonds had a goal within a minute, marking a nice centre from Jay Schulz. Then it was Cousins' turn. He'd already had a couple of handballs when he was slung by Luke Power after another possession, and after the resultant free kick and 50-metre penalty, banged one through from the goal square.

Richmond was dominant at the stoppages, and when the Lions did go forward, they made a meal of it, Travis Johnstone and Daniel Bradshaw spraying shots out on the full.

Brett Deledio, in great nick, crumbed a goal-square contest between Graham, also very good early, and Daniel Merrett, and gave Richmond its third, and when Matt White dobbed another on the run, the Tigers were 26 points up and well on the way.

But Brisbane was about to drag itself back into contention with the sort of class and power that Richmond simply couldn't match.

The names were the familiar ones. There was the hard running and smart ball use of Power, the graceful but powerful midfield presence of Simon Black and the forward smarts of Bradshaw. And most of those qualities were rolled into one in the form of Brown, an intimidating and game-winning powerhouse.

If the Brisbane skipper hadn't exerted his usual influence over proceedings by quarter-time, he'd sure make up for it. It was Brown who reduced the gap to 19 points after Graham, at least one bright light to come out of a sorry afternoon for Richmond, had put the Tigers more than four goals to the good.

He brought it back to a couple of goals with his next, following a strong, smart grab after holding out Joel Bowden. By then, still comfortably before half-time, he'd taken eight marks, four of them contested. It was precisely the sort of inspirational lift his Lions needed. And if that wasn't enough, Power's gutsy mark running with the flight at considerable risk to life and limb should have been.

It wasn't long after that Scott Harding levelled the scores with a free kick for over the shoulder. The Lions hit the front with Michael Rischitelli's goal early in the third term. The Lions had dominated the play, but hadn't yet built a lead they could be comfortable with.

The horrifying head clash between Troy Selwood and Alex Rance, and the subsequent five-minute hold-up might have halted the momentum, a theory that had a little more credence after Simmonds brought the gap back to only three points right on the three-quarter-time bell.

But it was a theory which wouldn't last long. Brown booted his third with a booming shot on the run just four minutes into the final term. A minute later again, Justin Sherman hacked one out of the air. Bradshaw made it very difficult for the home side with his third goal of the day, before Brown, fittingly, closed the deal with his fourth.

Pretty simple, really, and for Brisbane, pretty effective. For Richmond, pretty dismal, even if a new modus operandi of good start, shocking finish, represented novelty value, novelty the Tiger hordes are well and truly sick of.

BRISBANE LIONS 1.4 7.5 9.7 15.7 (97)
RICHMOND  4.5 7.6 8.10 10.11 (71)

GOALS Brisbane Lions: Brown 4, Bradshaw 3, Brennan 2, Rischitelli 2, Adcock, Sherman, Black, Harding. Richmond: Simmonds 4, Graham, Cousins, Deledio, Schulz, White, Nahas.

BEST Brisbane Lions: Brown, Power, Black, Bradshaw, Merrett, Drummond. Richmond: Graham, Foley, Deledio, Polo, Simmonds, Tuck.

INJURIES: Richmond: Rance (cheek bone, concussion), Brown (groin) replaced in selected side by Edwards, Pattison (replaced in selected side by Schulz).

UMPIRES: Kennedy, Findlay, Avon.

CROWD: 34,646 at the MCG.

JONATHAN Brown was the game-breaking presence in a match which cried out for one, his vice-like marking, four goals and intimidating physical presence the difference. Luke Power and Simon Black represented the mid-field class that Richmond simply couldn't match.

Richmond youngster Angus Graham had put the Tigers 25 points up nine minutes into the second term. Brisbane skipper Brown's goal minutes later not only closed the gap but started a Lions surge in which they would kick 10 of 11 goals and take the game by the scruff of the neck.

BRISBANE is now 4-3 and well placed for a run at the top four after its two best wins of the season. For Richmond, the picture looks bleaker by the week, a trip to Adelaide to take on the Power the next daunting assignment

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Tigers left battered, bloodied (Age)
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Tigers left battered, bloodied
Martin Boulton | May 10, 2009

A HORROR start to Richmond's season took a sickening twist when Alex Rance was involved in a heavy clash of heads with Brisbane Lions' Troy Selwood during the Tigers' 26-point loss at the MCG.

After playing their best opening term for the season, the Tigers lost confidence in moving the ball quickly, fell behind on the scoreboard and finished the match with several players battered and bloodied.

Rance, who played his first game earlier this year, was chasing a loose ball 12 minutes into the third quarter when he collided with Selwood on the outer wing, close to the interchange benches.

Both players lay motionless on the ground as medical staff and trainers raced towards them. Play was stopped for close to five minutes before Selwood eventually got to his feet and was assisted to the bench.

Rance was carried off the ground and taken to Epworth Hospital for scans where he was found to have two fractures to his cheekbone and may require surgery.

Coach Terry Wallace later paid tribute to Rance's commitment at the contest, saying: "It was two blokes, absolutely equally committed to the contest. People who say our game is not tough … it astounds me at times."

As the goals dried up, the casualties began mounting for Richmond. Soon after the head collision, Daniel Jackson staggered towards the bench with blood dripping from his head. He eventually returned after receiving stitches to a cut.

Wallace, who said his side "disrespected" the ball dreadfully after quarter-time, said at least the Tigers were committed to the contest.

"I didn't have a go at my guys in relation to the manner in which they played the game," he said. "You don't have Alex Rance cracking in the way he did and sustaining the injury he did, you don't have Daniel Jackson come off, completely covered in blood and just can't wait to get back on and fight the contest again … if they're not having a go.

"They were having a go for us, but our disrespect for the ball was the worst it's been."

After building a convincing 19-point lead at the first break, the Tigers temporarily lost defender Kelvin Moore with a shoulder injury, which Wallace said was the start of his side's problems.

"We lost our structure a bit about the time Kel Moore went down … we had to get him off for a quite a period of time and we lost our way with our structure at that stage," he said.

"They only kicked one goal in the first quarter when our structure was right and kicked six (goals) out of 13 entries in the second quarter.

"That changed the momentum and they got a bit more excitement in their game, got the taste for the contest a bit more and it deflated our guys."

Despite kicking just one goal in the third term, the Tigers trailed by just three points at the last break and Wallace gave his players the option of taking the game on or keeping a couple of players behind the ball and finding a way to scrape over the line.

"The playing group to a man really wanted to take the game on, have a crack at the game, but they (Brisbane) kicked five goals from six entries and the rest is history," he said.

He said the side's decision-making and execution both suffered after a good start and the players had to improve their ball use if they wanted to turnaround their performance against Port Adelaide next week.

Lions coach Michael Voss, who celebrated consecutive wins for the first time, said he was pleased forwards Jonathan Brown and Daniel Bradshaw were able to work themselves into the contest after quarter-time.

The pair kicked seven goals between them and took 21 marks.

"Once we had a bit of a chat to the players at quarter-time we started to get a little more structure (and) wrestled the ascendancy back," Voss said.

He also praised Selwood and Rance for their courage during the third term.

"He (Selwood) is pretty good, he's had a head knock and obviously decided we were better off not putting him back on the field," he said.

"Despite the injuries themselves, there were two players who were very committed at the ball, desperate to win it for their respective sides and that's true courage you can see on the football field."

Wallace said Nathan Brown, who was a late withdrawal, needs to be 100 per cent over his groin injury before playing again.

"When you've players like Ben (Cousins) and Nathan who are getting towards the end, they've got to be right. Nathan clearly knows he's got to play good footy in the latter part of the season and needs to be 100 per cent right to play," he said.

"Going back two or three weeks ago he was playing injured and that doesn't do him any good or us any good.

"I said to him (before the game) you've got to tell me you're 100 per cent right and he couldn't look me in the eyes and say that was the case."

Cousins got through the match and finished with 22 disposals.

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Tattered Richmond Tigers lick wounds (Herald-Sun)
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Tattered Richmond Tigers lick wounds
Glenn McFarlane | May 10, 2009 10:00pm

RICHMOND'S Alex Rance was taken to Epworth Hospital yesterday with a suspected fractured cheekbone after a sickening collision with Brisbane's Troy Selwood that Tigers coach Terry Wallace likened to a horrific "car crash".

Rance's injury added to the insult of a 26-point loss to the Lions that left the Tigers wallowing at 1-6 after seven rounds and Wallace lamenting his team's use of the football was the worst for the season.

Rance and Selwood crashed heads in a desperate attack on the ball 11:48 into the third term. They lay within a metre of each other as trainers and medicos raced to them.

Rance, 19, unconscious for 2 1/2 minutes, went to hospital with his parents. He had scans on his cheekbone, temple and neck.

Richmond officials said he was sitting up, talking, but the extent of his injuries would not be known until scans were assessed.

Not long after the collision, the battered Tigers lost Daniel Jackson with blood gushing from the top of his head. Three stitches to the wound failed to staunch the bleeding and he was restitched later.

The Brisbane Lions insisted last night Selwood suffered a "sore head" rather than concussion.

His teammates rushed to him after the final siren, preferring to laud his courage than celebrate the club's first win over Richmond in five years.

Wallace and Lions coach Michael Voss praised the pair for their attack on the ball.

"It was fair dinkum car crash," Wallace said. "It was two blokes equally as committed to the contest, and people who say our game is not tough . . . it astounds me at times.

"We think it is more to do with his cheekbone at this stage than anything else, but we will have to see what damage there is."

The collision overshadowed Ben Cousins's return to AFL football and a performance from the Tigers that Wallace said had a fair amount of spirit, but not enough skill to stop the fast-finishing Lions.

Wallace said he was pleased with Cousins's first-up effort -- 22 touches -- but acknowledged he faded towards the end.

"I thought when he had zest and vibrancy in the body early he was quite handy for us," Wallace said.

"He will get better with three or four runs under his belt."

The Tigers kicked the opening four goals of the game and shot out to a 26-point lead late in the first term. The Lions hit back hard to score 14 goals to six in the last three quarters.

Jonathan Brown and Daniel Bradshaw combined for seven goals for the visitors, while the likes of Simon Black and Luke Power gave the Lions first use of the ball when it mattered.

Wallace flagged more changes to his team after too many of his players wasted the ball -- the Tigers had more disposals, tackles, clearances and inside 50s than their opponents, but couldn't make them count.,26576,25454838-19742,00.html

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Brisbane Lions prove less is more (Herald-Sun)
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Brisbane Lions prove less is more
Rod Nicholson | May 09, 2009

POSSESSION may be nine tenths of the law, but in football the key is what you do with the ball that really counts.

Yesterday at the MCG, Richmond enjoyed a staggering 423 possessions.

In the second half of the match, it had 225 disposals for a miserly three goals.

At one stage it was 200 disposals for a solitary goal, which was a free kick after the three quarter time siren.

Richmond players racked up possessions at will but only because it fiddled with counter-productive sideways and backwards kicking.

The Brisbane Lions had 84 fewer possessions, yet the Lions kicked 12 of the last 15 goals of the game to romp to their first away victory of the season by 28 points.

The margin should have been double given the lack of cohesion within the Tiger ranks.
The difference between the two teams was the silky skills of Brownlow medallist Simon Black and the bulk and goal kicking brilliance of Jonathan Brown.

Black won the ball around the packs, kicked a vital third term goal, and linked the play to completely overshadow the opposition.

He finished with 24 disposals, three marks, four tackles and directed the ball inside 50 on seven occasions.

The telling factor was not how many possessions he had, but how effectively and constructively he used them.

Brown, who missed two early set shots, finished with four goals. He snared 11 marks and was the focal point that the Tigers could not counter.

When the game was in the balance at the start of the final term with his team leading by only three points, he goaled on the run from outside 50m to set his team alight.

And when he wasn't determining the outcome of the game, his goal-kicking cohort Daniel Bradshaw was doing his bit with three goals.

In retrospect, it is difficult to understand how it took the Lions half a game to hit the front.

The win leaves the Lions 4-3 for the season, while the tattered Tigers languish at 1-6 with the careers of many players, and coach Terry Wallace, on the line.

The match lacked quality, but not endeavor. In a sickening head clash in the third term, Tiger Alex Rance and Lion Troy Selwood lay concussed after both showed extreme courage and endeavor.

Selwood eventually walked the 5m to the boundary while Rance was taken to Epworth Hospital for observation.

After the victory siren, the Lions ventured as a group to Selwood, congratulating for his self-sacrifice. Luke Power also set an example when he twice backed into packs to take marks.

Richmond lacked an attack comparable to Brown and Brayshaw, who booted seven goals between them. Troy Simmonds was the sole shining light, with four goals.

Richmond enjoyed its best opening term of the season to set up a 20 point lead by quarter time after leading by 26 points. It did all the right things that, from quarter time on, deserted them.

During this quarter they ran hard and were prepared to attack through the middle. Goals to Simmonds, Ben Cousins (courtesy of a free kick and 50m penalty), Brett Deledio and Matt White set up a 26 point lead that was richly deserved.

The Cousins goal was the signal for a chorus of delight from Tiger fans. He began on the bench and came on for an initial seven minutes for five disposals and the goal in his return to senior football after five matches out with injury.

The Tigers dominated the clearances 10-2 in the opening stanza. Young ruckman Angus Graham held his own against Mitch Clark, and the likes of Deledio and Foley swept the ball to the team's advantage.

The Lions were slow to move the ball and were reactionary, which forced them to play around the flanks. It took 26 minutes before Jared Brennan converted their first goal.

The second term produced a goal-for-goal slug-out, but increasingly the Lions stopped the Tigers' flow and opened up a more potent forward structure.

Bradshaw and Brown marked and goalled twice each as they were too big and talented in the air for their oppenents. The deficit was reduced swifty to six points as the Tigers were under extreme pressure.

Whereas the Tigers had run hard and used their initiative in the first quarter, roles were reversed in the second.

When Michal Rischitelli goalled at the five minute mark of the third term, the Lions had hit the front for the first time. Black's influence on the game was immense and his 40m snap to give the Lions a 10 point break with their sixth consecutive goal of the match.

The Lions' tackling and pressure to keep the ball in the forward line forced the Tigers to virtually abandon their own forward structure and push players into defence.

That presented the problem of having nobody up front when they won the ball and consequently they chipped the bal sideways and backwards until the inevitable turnover.

The Lions added only two goals in the third term (both by the eight minute mark) and the rest of the term was a pitiful display of the ball criss-crossing the ground.

After the entire quarter, Simmonds received a free and goaled after the siren to leave the contest up for grabs with a three point margin.

However the flow of play from quarter time suggested the flood gates would open eventually, and that was the case from the start of the last term.

Goals to Brown (2), Sherman, Brayshaw, and Adcock spread the margin to 32 points and the Lions had ended a dismal run at the MCG, as well as against Richmond.

Amazingly, the Lions had not beaten Richmond since 2004 (Rd 14).

The Lions may depend too heavily on the Black, Brown and Brayshaw combination, but they had other major contributors yesterday, notably full-back Daniel Merrett.

He managed only 16 possessions, but he used them.


BRISBANE 1.4 7.5 9.7 15.7 (97)
RICHMOND 4.5 7.6 8.10 10.11 (71)

Brisbane: J Brown 4 D Bradshaw 3 J Brennan 2 M Rischitelli 2 J Adcock J Sherman S Black S Harding.
Richmond: T Simmonds 4 A Graham B Cousins B Deledio J Schulz M White R Nahas.

Brisbane: J Brown S Black L Power D Bradshaw D Merrett J Patfull J Drummond.
Richmond: A Graham B Deledio R Tambling D Polo N Foley.

Injuries: Brisbane: Nil. Richmond: A Rance (cheek bone, concussion) N Brown (groin) replaced in selected side by S Edwards, A Pattison (replaced in selected side by J Schulz).

Reports: Nil.

Umpires: Hayden Kennedy, Robert Findlay, Michael Avon.

Official Crowd: 34,646 at Melbourne Cricket Ground.,26576,25452663-19742,00.html