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Media articles & Stats: Tigers run down by Dons at the 'G
« on: May 24, 2009, 02:33:27 AM »
Tigers run down by Dons at the 'G
By Murray Belkin 10:19 PM Sat 23 May, 2009

Richmond     5.5   9.8   10.12   12.13 (85)
Essendon     3.1   7.4   13.6   19.11 (125)

Richmond: Morton 3, Brown 2, Pettifer 2, Polo, Deledio, Connors, Collins, Cotchin
Essendon: Lloyd 4, Davey 3, Zaharakis 3, Watson 2, Lovett 2, Winderlich 2, Hocking, Monfries, Lonergan

Richmond: Tuck, Foley, Newman, Moore, Jackson, Brown
Essendon: Winderlich, Ryder, Watson, Lovett, Lloyd, Monfries, Zaharakis

Richmond: Thursfield (illness) replaced in selected side by Connors
Essendon: Dempsey (ankle), McPhee (ankle)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Vozzo, Wenn, Mollison

Official crowd: 73,625 at the MCG


LEADING until the 24-minute mark of the third quarter, Richmond has fallen to Essendon by 40 points in their Dreamtime at the 'G clash on Saturday night.

In front of a crowd of 73,625, Essendon kicked 12 goals to three after half time to steal the advantage and canter away from a dejected Tiger outfit – 19.11 (125) to 12.13 (85).

Essendon midfielder Jason Winderlich (28 possessions, two goals) won the Yiooken Award as the best player on the ground.

Despite the loss, Richmond's midfield led the centre clearance count 37 to 25 – aided by the efforts of Nathan Foley (26 possessions, eight clearances) and Shane Tuck (30), who was celebrating his 100th game.

Daniel Jackson did a solid job minimising the impact of Brent Stanton (20 possessions) while helping himself to 26.

Richard Tambling, who has played all five Dreamtime encounters, struggled at stages but finished with 19 possessions.

After a high-pressure week for coach Terry Wallace, which included a narrow loss to Port Adelaide and the incorrect report he had lost his job, the Tigers could not put away a Bombers side that proved too slick when it mattered.

However, they started best after Mitch Morton erased some of the memories of last week's performance, kicking a goal in the first two minutes.

His celebration sent a strong message to the Tiger faithful and he was mobbed by his teammates.

From there Richmond built a handy a 16-point lead, capped by a sensational climb and mark by Kayne Pettifer over Adam McPhee on the quarter-time siren.

Robin Nahas, captain Chris Newman and Jackson all set the standard with bone-crunching tackles around the ground, while Nathan Brown was causing headaches for Essendon's defence.

Richmond’s first quarter dominance was reflected in the possession count, smashing the Bombers 106 to 72. The contested possessions read 29 to 18.

Essendon failed to make any inroads in the second quarter, with the Tigers holding sway with their 16-point lead and stretching it to 22 at one stage.

After both sides went goal-for-goal early, it was Brown who provided the spark up forward – kicking one and having a hand in two others.

With his influence on the game growing, Tayte Pears then Henry Slattery replaced McPhee in an effort to negate him.

Richmond's forward line had some real menace with Brown, Pettifer and Morton kicking six of nine first-half goals to set up their side's best first-half score of the season.

After a brilliant chase and tackle by Daniel Connors – a late replacement for an ill Will Thursfield – at the start of the third quarter, the Tigers were left to rue missed chances.

They kicked three behinds before Nahas tried to breathe life into them with a soaring mark just outside the goal square. He then handed the ball to an unmarked Morton, who kicked his third goal for the match.

But the Bombers kicked the next four, including two late goals from the boot of captain Matthew Lloyd, to race to a 12-point three-quarter time lead.

Two early Essendon goals in the final term made a Richmond comeback difficult, as Newman, Dean Polo and Kelvin Moore – who kept Jay Neagle goalless – struggled to snuff the Bombers' ventures inside 50.

Richmond heads west next week to take on Fremantle, desperate for a win to halt its slide down the ladder.

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Stats: Tigers -v- Bombers
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Team Stats

Disposals:         368 - 326
Efficiency%:         77 - 79
Kicks:               204 - 177
Handballs:         164 - 149
Con. Marks:         12 - 16
Uncon.Marks:       96 - 83
Tackles:               46 - 64
Clearances:          37 - 25
Clangers:             44 - 46
Hitouts:               28 - 24  (Simmonds 18, Pattison 8 // Ryder 15, Bellchambers 7)
Frees:                 21 - 18
Con. Possies:     112 - 105
Uncon.Possies:   255 - 219
Inside 50s:          50 - 53
Assists:              17 - 19

Individual Stats

player                D     EFF%   K     H     G     B     CM     UM     T     CL     C

Tuck, S             30    70    13    17    0    0    0    4    4    5    3
Foley, N             27    85    7    20    0    0    0    2    5    8    2
Jackson, D         26    81    13    13    0    0    0    3    7    4    3
Bowden, J          23    74    14    9    0    0    0    6    1    0    3
Pettifer, K          22    82    15    7    2    0    1    5    1    0    1
Collins, A           21    81    14    7    1    0    0    6    3    2    2
Deledio, B          21    71    10    11    1    0    0    6    2    3    5    
Tambling, R        19    74    10    9    0    1    1    6    2    2    3
Morton, M          18    67    12    6    3    2    1    7    1    1    2    
Brown, N           18    72    14    4    2    1    3    9    0    0    3
Simmonds, T      18    67    9    9    0    0    0    6    2    2    3    
Polo, D               17    88    8    9    1    1    2    5    2    1    3
White, M            16    81    12    4    0    1    0    3    4    2    1
Cotchin, T          14    71    9    5    1    0    1    7    0    0    0
Newman, C         14    79    10    4    0    0    0    1    3    0    1    
Raines, A           13    77    7    6    0    0    1    2    0    2    2
Moore, K            11    82    5    6    0    0    1    2    0    0    1
Coughlan, M    10    80    6    4    0    1    0    5    3    2    2
McGuane, L         8    88    4    4    0    0    0    3    2    0    1
Nahas, R             8    50    5    3    0    2    1    3    2    0    1
Pattison, A          8    75    3    5    0    1    0    2    2    3    2
Connors, D         6    100    4    2    1    0    0    3    0    0    0

player               FF     FA     CP     UP     I50     A             
Tuck, S             1    1    8    23    3    2                
Foley, N             1    0    11    16    2    0                
Jackson, D         3    2    9    17    1    1               
Bowden, J          0    1    4    17    1    0                
Pettifer, K          1    0    3    19    4    2                
Collins, A           2    1    5    16    3    1               
Deledio, B          0    0    6    15    7    0               
Tambling, R        2    0    8    11    5    1                
Morton, M          1    0    6    12    2    1               
Brown, N           2    3    5    13    2    3               
Simmonds, T      0    2    5    13    2    0               
Polo, D              2    3    7    11    1    0                
White, M            2    0    5    11    4    1               
Cotchin, T          0    0    3    11    1    1               
Newman, C        1    1    5    7    2    2                
Raines, A           0    0    3    11    0    0                
Moore, K           0    0    5    5    2    1               
Coughlan, M      1    1    3    8    2    0               
McGuane, L       0    1    2    6    0    0                
Nahas, R           1    0    4    4    3    1               
Pattison, A        1    2    5    3    2    0             
Connors, D       0    0    0    6    1    0

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Essendon adds to Richmond's pain (Herald-Sun)
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Essendon adds to Richmond's pain
Jay Clark | May 23, 2009 10:35pm

AS Andrew Lovett celebrated Essendon's eighth goal in a row last night, a young Tigers' fan burst into tears.

She'd had enough. You wouldn't have blamed the Richmond players for joining her.

As impressive as Essendon was in the second half at the MCG last night, the game was all about the way Richmond self-destructed.

The Tigers were in a position from which they should not have lost. It also thrust into the spotlight the consequences for besieged Tigers coach Terry Wallace.

Up by 16 points at half-time the Tigers were flying, but -- much like the season so far -- what started so promisingly went pear-shaped.

The Tigers clearly demonstrated they had forgotten how to win. It might have been Dreamtime at the 'G, but it was a hellish night in the midst of a nightmare season.

The Tigers went to water as Essendon wrenched the momentum away with an inspired third term, kicking nine goals straight in the second half to inflict a 40-point win.

While the 19.11 (125) to 12.13 (85) victory may spell the end of Wallace, it was another sign of an effervescent Essendon running team growing in form and confidence.

Richmond's bad dreams unfolded within a 10-minute Essendon blitz late in the third quarter, as Jobe Watson, Brent Stanton and Lovett, players so quiet in the first half, sprung to life.

After chipping away, they slammed on five quick goals to turn a deficit into a two-goal lead.

Essendon captain Matthew Lloyd was dynamite in the third-term comeback, feasting on the increased and spacious supply.

He booted two in the term to have four by the last change.

The torrent of hard work that favoured the Tigers earlier in the contest dried to a trickle as the men in yellow and black retreated into their shells.

Down by 12 points at the last change, careers flashed in front of Tiger eyes -- and not only the coach's.

The first goal was critical and after a Robin Nahas miss, Sam Lonergan booted one from near the 50m.

Jason Winderlich followed within fewer than 30 seconds to build a 24-point buffer.

Game over.

Winderlich was superb, not only because of his hard-running influence, but the consistency with which he ran hard; few of his teammates could claim to be four-quarter performers.

When the rest of his teammates clicked in the third term, running and sharing perhaps only like Essendon can, there was a sense of morbid inevitability about the result.

And Alwyn Davey feasted on the Tigers' carcass up forward with three typically opportunistic goals.

For the Richmond boys who played their hearts out, tryers such as Nathan Foley, Shane Tuck and Daniel Jackson, it would have been gut-wrenching.

But the truth is they formed the nucleus of the onball group that was soundly beaten in the second half.

Mitch Morton kicked three goals, Kayne Pettifer and Nathan Brown two.

But the team could manage only three in total for the second half.

Earlier, it could not have been a more different story as Richmond dominated the midfield and particularly the contested ball. If this was a splintered playing group, it didn't show.

The Tigers could not have presented a more united or selfless front at the opening and their intensity resulted in the club's best first quarter of the year.

Significantly, Richmond owned all the stoppages throughout the first half.

The script could not have been more dramatic first up as Morton, who copped the spray that led to the tough-talking emergency meeting last weekend, nailed the first from 50m.

Brett Deledio then kicked a miracle, dodging three players before unleashing from 50m deep on the boundary line, to provide the spark required for a club in crisis.

Brown, a man desperate to justify Wallace's faith in him, posed the biggest threat for Richmond in attack.

He wound back the clock, bagging two in the first half and giving Morton a freebie.

So convincingly beaten around the hard ball early was Essendon that it was lucky to be down only by 16 points at the first change.

The problem was not run or carry.

The issue was the ignition point.

The men usually digging the ball out, Watson and Stanton had only 16 possessions between them.

Essendon had been gagged and masked and Jackson and Tuck, in his 100th game, were the pair taking the Bombers' prime movers to task.

The momentum shifted and the Richmond faithful all moved nervously in their seats at the MCG. Surely not, they squirmed.,26576,25528687-5015541,00.html

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Tigers surge, then stop as Dons run riot (Age)
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Tigers surge, then stop as Dons run riot
Martin Blake | May 24, 2009

Essendon: Winderlich, Lovett, Ryder, Watson, Zaharakis, Lloyd, Davey.
Richmond: Foley, Tuck, Brown, Jackson, Collins, Newman, Moore.

INJURIES: Richmond: Thursfield (virus, replaced in selected side by Connors).

SOMETIMES the game gets too complicated. Just ask the Richmond players, who spent the week dodging television cameras like a bunch of crooked used-car salesmen, trying to plug leaks in the system and generally wondering whether footy was all it was cracked up to be when their name came out of the draft pile all those years ago.

The Tigers started off competing like a group of players rapt to chase a footy and have a kick again. A team and a club supposed to be in the middle stages of disintegration was actually galvanised by the shenanigans of a horrid week, and you could feel the lift in the 73,625 crowd.

Mitch Morton, who had some sort of a week himself, kicked the first goal from half-forward, just in front of the Richmond members, turned to the (usually) faithful and pumped a fist. It was portent of what would come in the first half.

Brett Deledio would weave inside, then outside, run away from Jobe Watson (admittedly not a feat worthy of a gold medal) and launch a brilliant goal from deep on the 50-metre line at half-forward. More fist pumps. Kayne Pettifer's goal from long range on the quarter-time siren moved him to a little leap, followed by another, inevitable double fist pump.

At both of the first two changes, the unfancied Tigers led by 16 points. But still they would get smashed, notwithstanding the fact they won the contested ball and the stoppages for most of the night, and that Nathan Brown would turn back the clock and Shane Tuck and Daniel Jackson and Nathan Foley would hit in like madmen in the clinches throughout.

Essendon kicked 12.7 to 3.5 in the second half to obliterate Richmond. So at the end of a night when no one could question their endeavour, the Tigers were 1-8 on the season and still under that dreaded media microscope. Terry Wallace's team could not sustain its intensity save for a few individuals, and from 14 points up at the 20-minute mark of the third quarter, they would be humbled by 40 points, conceding 10 goals from that point.

It was a game meant to celebrate indigenous brilliance, and so it turned out in passages. Twice, Nathan Lovett-Murray launched himself on to opponent's shoulders to mark, and Patrick Ryder did not need the step-ladder; he leapt clean over the top of Tuck and Jobe Watson in the third quarter to put his own stamp on the match. Andrew Lovett was another who would not let the opportunity slip, continuing to show his maturity as a player, and Alwyn Davey was a damaging forward with three goals.

But for all the aesthetic beauty of the seven Aboriginal players on show, it was blood and guts and hard-running that won it for Essendon. Here was a game decided in the midfield, where for half the match Tuck and Foley and Jackson would hold sway over their direct opponents, Watson, Heath Hocking and Brent Stanton. At half-time Richmond led the contested-ball count 60-49 and the clearances 22-13, a hammering where it counted most.

Then Watson and Stanton showed their competitiveness, the former especially working into the game, dishing out handballs to slicker teammates, generating forward movement with his hands. Lovett had been a presence but not a dominating player to the midpoint; he would surge into his own in the second half. Watson (24 disposals, two goals) came close to drawing level with ragtag Tuck, who had a fine 100th game, and Stanton made up some ground despite being beaten by Jackson, one of the most nagging taggers around these days.

By game's end there were but a few numbers the difference in contested ball (112-105), reflecting not only a strong comeback by one team, but by a few individuals within that team.

Essendon had its problems, to be sure. Jay Neagle could not make an impact, and was soundly beaten by Kel Moore. Down the back Adam McPhee was thoroughly outplayed for most of the first half by Brown, who had two goals on the board. Coach Matthew Knights tried Tayte Pears on Brown, but ultimately settled on McPhee again. Like his team, Brown faded, ending up behind the ball as a loose man for a period. Like Essendon, McPhee stuck at his job on a night that was not necessarily his.

Leg speed was significant for Essendon, with Lovett and Jason Winderlich at the forefront. Twice in the final quarter the emerging Winderlich sprinted forward from the centre bounce to collect the football and kick running goals; with 28 disposals he was a deserved winner of the medal for best afield. For so long Essendon has waited for this player to emerge.

Also important was goal accuracy, or lack of it. Essendon kicked 19.8 in general play, a reflection of skilful kicking and good nerves. Richmond kicked a couple of blinders but was disappointing overall, with 12.12. Put like that, it is a simple game. At least when you're out on the park.


ANDREW LOVETT: Constantly seemed at least a yard quicker than anyone else on the ground. He also distinguished himself by somehow finding huge gaps on the ground, allowing him to run and carry. Along with Jason Winderlich, sparked the Bombers' recovery in the third quarter, and then kicked the sealer in the last quarter.

JASON WINDERLICH: Notionally opposed to Shane Tuck, the two players shunned close checking and instead went head to head — and Winderlich proved the more influential. Picked up nine possessions to inspire the Bombers' charge in the third quarter, and topped it off with another five in the last. Won the Yiooken award for best on ground.

NATHAN LOVETT-MURRAY: Took a great high mark in the first half but easily topped it in the third quarter when he soared high above a pack on the Bombers' half-back line — easily the mark of the night. He blemished the effort with a late hit on Tiger Kayne Pettifer which could be costly.

The Bombers, having worked hard for the first 20 minutes of the third quarter but only pegging back the margin to 13 points, kicked four goals in the last 10 minutes to snatch the lead for the first time of the night. Their dominance was reflected in keeping Richmond to only five possessions in an eight-minute period during their goal streak, which extended into the last quarter.

Essendon faces the stiff challenge of taking on Geelong next week, the first of four consecutive home games — Adelaide, Melbourne and then Carlton. Richmond must travel to Subiaco to take on Fremantle, where they won early last year. The Tigers then return for a clash against the Western Bulldogs.

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Terry Wallace's woes worsen (Herald-Sun)
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Terry Wallace's woes worsen
Glenn McFarlane | May 23, 2009

TERRY Wallace looked relieved it was over. Not his coaching career with Richmond, that will come soon enough, but his week from hell was at least over.

Having spoken prior to the game about how the trademark Tiger turmoil had impacted on his life and even his waistline, Wallace looked more than a little gaunt afterwards, but happy to put a full stop on the past week.

He had fair cause, too.

For the first half Richmond united in the contest, not like the fragmented mess they were earlier in the week.

They were positive, team spirit somehow seemed intact, and an upset was seemingly on.

But, almost predictably, the Tigers tired and the hard-running Bombers kept coming.

After leading by 16 points at the first two changes, Essendon banged on 12 goals to three in the second half to score a 40-point win.

It was enough to make Tiger fans cry, which is just what many of them did, including one young child that could barely stop the waterworks.

A few more senior supporters could have been excused for doing the same.

The Tigers tried hard - again - yet they simply make too many mistakes when it matters most.

Wallace started the day watching his son, Brent, play with the Northern Knights at Eastern Oval in Ballarat, and finished it with a Dreamtime loss in his 245th game as a coach and his 97th at the helm of the Tigers.

He wanted it to be business as usual in a week that was unlike any other in his football life, a week in which several senior players sought to have him removed and one in which only a Tuesday morning meeting saved him.

Wallace gave a series of radio interviews in the lead-up to last night's game.

It started with 3AW at 6.30pm as the players went about their pre-game warm-up.

It ended with Triple M just before 7pm as the last participants of the Long Walk strode onto the crowded MCG.

Through all the interviews, he appeared philosphical about the past yet seemingly resigned to the future.

There were a range of emotions directed in his path.

Some fans gave him their best wishes and a few even pulled out their digital cameras to mark the moment.

Others were less charitable.

Wallace swept down to the rooms one last time as the MCG lights were turned out for the pre-game entertainment, to speak with his playing group.

When he re-appeared, he stepped straight into game-mode, other than when he jogged over to kiss the respected Wurundjeri elder Joy Murphy-Wandin, who was hosting the Dreamtime at the 'G celebrations.

While the players went through some drills before the start of the game, he was interviewed by a man who has intimate knowledge of what it means to be the coach of the Richmond Football Club.

Channel Ten's Robert Walls, who coached the Tigers for one and half season without success, seemed a little sympathetic, and even put his arm around Wallace at the end of the cross.

From there, Wallace went across to the two teams lined up for the Dreamtime ceremony.

As he took his place next to Chris Newman, who raised the issues with his coach last Monday, he gave his captain a pat on the backside.

That gave more credence to the belief that Wallace doesn't particularly blame his captain for what happened during the week.

The same cannot be said for a couple of other senior players, though.

The Tigers attacked the game from the outset and two of the players who featured prominently in news reports this - Newman and Mitch Morton - also had a fair say in the first quarter.

While Newman racked up plenty of early stats, Morton kicked the opening goal of the game.

In the dying moments against Port Adelaide last Sunday, Morton played on and kicked atrociously, prompting an aftermatch spray from his coach.

Last night, he took his time, and he kicked the goal.

The Tigers led by 16 points at the first change, and Wallace seemed impressed with the intensity when he spoke with them at quarter-time.

They carried that into the second term, too, with the same margin at half-time.

Richmond supporters, perhaps even Wallace, dared to dream that an upset was theirs.

But it wasn't.

Like they have done too many times, the Tigers ran out of steam.

Six goals to one in the third term was enough to silence the roar of the Richmond faithful, who had turned out in force.

At the last break, Wallace implored his team to make one last stand in the final term.

When he spoke, the players linked around each other.

But it was not enough.

The Bombers booted six goals to two in the final term.,26576,25529405-5015541,00.html#add-comment

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We'll keep our chins up: Jackson (RFC)
« Reply #5 on: May 24, 2009, 04:08:05 AM »
We'll keep our chins up: Jackson
By Jennifer Witham 1:44 AM Sun 24 May, 2009

RICHMOND midfielder Daniel Jackson said his teammates "stuck fat" on Saturday night and would continue to, despite suffering their eighth loss of the season.

An embarrassing second-half fade-out hurt the Tigers against Essendon, after a week where coach Terry Wallace was the focus of false media reports regarding his job.

Jackson, 23, said the players had a really good attitude ahead of the game and were not distracted by the circus the Wallace furore generated.

"We knew we had to come out here and play footy and the stuff that happened during the week happened during the week," he said.

"What was said, was said. We moved on and we came out and did what we wanted to. We played good footy early.

"I can't say I thought about it. You go out there to play football. You don't worry about what's been said in the media.

"It's obviously got to do with us but our job is to go out there and get a kick, and that's what all the boys did."

Jackson said it was a combination of a tough fixture in recent weeks and some missed opportunities in the third quarter that caused the fade-out.

The Tigers managed just three second-half goals to the Bombers' 12.

"We've had a few six-day breaks and interstate trips and that obviously took its toll in the third quarter," Jackson said.

"We had our chances at the start of that third and we didn't take them. Once again, that got away from us and that cost us.

"They used the ball better than we did. We had the first few shots in the third quarter, we could have put a nail in the coffin and we didn't take that opportunity, and it cost us.

"It's happening a bit too much. The guys are trying hard, you can't fault them and Plough (Wallace) said that. He can see that we're all working hard – we just have to fix up those deficiencies."

He added Wallace was no different in the lead-up to the game, even after the speculation on his tenure.

"[His message was] just to go out there and work on the game plan, work on our deficiencies, keep working on the things we've been doing well, which is the contested ball," he said.

Jackson said the Tigers would benefit from the opportunity to go interstate again next week and get away as a cohesive unit.

They meet Fremantle at Subiaco Oval on Saturday night.

"We're a really tight group. We've got a lot of young guys and we have a lot of fun together," he said.

"It has been a tough week but at the same time, we really enjoy our footy. We love going out there and playing.

"We tend to play really well interstate because we're a tight-knit group. We've got a pretty good record over in Perth, so we'll be looking forward to it."