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Winning teams are for mugs
« on: June 02, 2006, 11:31:52 AM »
Cameron Noakes
June 2, 2006

THIS is a message for Terry Wallace and the Richmond Football Club: stop winning. It's really annoying, it's draining my betting accounts and it's making my column look bad.

I don't understand why Terry doesn't listen to Sheeds and go and build a premiership team rather than this "winning games" malarky.

Football is not about winning, Terry. It's about sitting on the bottom, going to Docklands and getting spanked by one of the league's lightweights. That's what it's about. If you think sport is about winning, Terry, you are a fool.

And what have you done to Kayne Pettifer? Can you remind him that he still is Kayne and not Able, or Peter Knights, or whoever the hell he thinks he is at the minute. He's a 10-touches, a couple-of-fumbles, one-goal-three guy, not 21 touches, 11 marks and a speccy a week.

Richmond ($3.75) plays Freo ($1.28) this week and that game fills me with dread. Stay away!

And while I'm sending out the messages: you're a disgrace, Freo. I just think Chris Connolly and Freo are a bad relationship. And Chris, if you're reading this, dump her before she dumps you. That's a lesson I learnt when I was a young man and it gives you bragging rights when you go to the pub with your mates. Get in first and explain to your mates that Freo wasn't your thing so YOU dumped her. It's much better.

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Re: Winning teams are for mugs
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 :rollin great find Moi!