Author Topic: Biggest sooky little babies?  (Read 3849 times)

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Re: Biggest sooky little babies?
« Reply #90 on: March 07, 2018, 03:44:35 PM »
Geez, they've got good memories at Arden St. They didn't even make a PF in 2016  :lol. Only scrapped in by % into 8th (3 wins behind 7th) and were bundled out in a 10 goal EF flogging in Adelaide.

It was in 2015 that they made a PF after again finishing 8th. We choked after half-time in the EF and even as bad as we were they still needed the umps to get them over the line in the last qtr when Edwards clear holding the ball on Cunnington right in front of goal wasn't paid and they ran it up the other end for the match-sealing goal  ::). They then only got through to a PF thanks to facing an injury-riddled Swans in the SF. In the PF, Norf choked on a 21 pt lead to lose by 25 to the 2nd placed Eagles in Perth.

In 2014, they finished 6th and the hypocrites forget they beat the higher 3rd-placed Geelong at the MCG in a SF by a kick :wallywink before copping a 71 pt hiding by Sydney.

It says a lot that North have only finished top 4 after the H/A season once (2007) since Wayne Carey left their club. They've never won more then 14 games in a H/A season since their last flag in 1999. Even we've finished more times top 4 and won more than 14 games in a H/A season than they have since 2000 lol, yet their supporters (both of them) act like they've been a successful club over the past 20 years  :wallywink.

Edit: Beat me to it, dwaino  :thumbsup.
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Re: Biggest sooky little babies?
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MT please dont bring up our EF v Norf, it brings up visions of Nahas smashing through Chaplins sturdy fend off

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Re: Biggest sooky little babies?
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The trick to dealing with North is acting as though they don't exist.

Because they barely do