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Anyone know how the young fellas going so far?
General Discussion / Re: Cricket thread
« Last post by one-eyed on Today at 05:21:55 PM »
Finch out lbw for 50.

Aussies 1/121

Harris   59*
Khawaja 5*
Richmond Rant / Re: Favourite player game
« Last post by Dougeytherichmondfan on Today at 05:13:17 PM »
Astbury    5
Balta        5
Caddy      4 -
Ellis         2
Lambert   6 +
Markov     5
Menadue  5
Rance      8
Townsend 5
Richmond Rant / Re: Favourite player game
« Last post by Assange Tiger on Today at 05:02:28 PM »
Yep. Lordo was no spud. Kicked close to 1k in his career because he was a jet.

Dunno about this match up though. Feel like Rance would do well. Probably depends on the midfield kicking it in....:shh
How many clubs did he play for after Richmond including suburban clubs. How do we know the damage happened at Richmond? Can they prove it? How often did he injure himself playing footy after Richmond? How many weeks off did he have to take off at those clubs. You see he has no claim because my understanding is he played a lot of suburban football for years. If I am wrong on that someone will probably tell us on here.

You are correct. Played at quite a number of clubs after his AFL career. Last played a few games in 2014 I believe it was, which means he was obviously functioning well in life at the point to at least get a gallop going. Though his mother claims he only played footy after AFL because he needed the money due to his body not being up to standard when it comes to holding down a job.

I love Ty, always have. There's no doubt AFL had a massive impact on his body and our club treated him poorly, but the fact he's played footy a good 8 years after he left Essendon means this claim will go nowhere. Not to mention the medical records that no longer exist. That should be changed by the way, I see no reason for records to be destroyed after 7 years.
Zanners also could have gotten an education post footy that enabled him to work in a job that doesn't require him to put his body through the ringer.

I hope he gets some kind of assistance from the club but he wasn't the most popular human on the planet in 2004 down at the RFC
Richmond Rant / Re: Tiger Training
« Last post by one-eyed on Today at 03:40:23 PM »
Training in any (wet) weather with a grin:
Anyone from OER going to this next week?


Richmond will celebrate Christmas in Cardinia on Tuesday December 18.

Through the Club’s partnership with Cardinia Shire Council, the Tigers will train at Holm Park Recreation Reserve, Beaconsfield.

After the training session, kids aged 4 to 14 years can participate in a free clinic run by the Richmond players.

There will be plenty of entertainment on offer, including DJs, mascots, activities and food.

Festivities start at 3:30pm, with the training session commencing at 4:00pm, followed by the children’s clinic from 5:00pm.

Aligned Leisure will also run a boot camp style class for teens and adults while the children’s clinic is running.

Holm Park Recreation Reserve is located on Beaconsfield-Emerald Road in Beaconsfield.

Richmond memberships and merchandise will be available to purchase.

Click here to register for the clinic:
“It was a tough one because I played 60 games straight and then to play six in two years was difficult. I was obviously rapt that the side was going so well, but it was certainly frustrating that I couldn’t break in as well. So it was a bit of a catch 22,” Miles told this week before flying to New Zealand for Gold Coast’s pre-season camp.

“When the team wins the premiership and then finishes on top of the ladder, it is hard to change a winning side. That was generally what I found. And even when I came in, I was last one in, first one out. So the prospect of more senior opportunity was the catalyst for the move up here.

“The hunger for me to improve and to get better and to play good senior footy has never been higher than what it is now because of the last two years. I feel like I’m coming into the prime of my career and have plenty to offer at this level.”
General Discussion / Re: Cricket thread
« Last post by one-eyed on Today at 03:29:23 PM »
Aussies 0/66 at Lunch.

Harris 34*
Finch 28*

Decent start on a green pitch although it's playing better than it looks.
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