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GIve him the $$$ please. And a house.
Is he any better than Gasper circa 2000 -01

He was fantastic  ( before he did his knee )
Rance makes Gaspar look like a curly haired Astbury.
Richmond Rant / Re: Dreamtime @ the 'G - Richmond vs Essendon - Round 10, 2017
« Last post by torch on Yesterday at 11:13:29 PM »
So 3 game members? Do they need to upgrade?
I think mcintosh is Going along very nicely, happy with 2 yr deal
Morabito though, was actually talented and also a high pick....Drummond is neither of those things...
Is there a code the clubs go by? I would have offered him a rookie spot with a chance of upgrade if he came good......

Have always thought it's something clubs just do

Cannot think of any club that has not given new contracts to blokes who've done their knee needed a reco and were in the last year of their current deal

Freo kept giving Morabito new deals apart for the last one when they promised to rookie him,  with all his knee issues.
I was there the day big jason kicked 17 goals on scotty turner.....hmmm scotty turner
F$&k I hate Essendon.
Knee injuries aside, don't we have enough of his type/style of player?
We have drafted a lot of smaller types over the last few years, is he still necessary?
We should be loading up on KPP and ruckman.
Anyway what would we know????
Subsequent replays reveal there was in fact no infringement , all Nankervis did was shrug his shoulders and say "what?" and the 50 metres was generous by at least couple of metres - naturally with Daniher's shot only just making the distance.......though we still had no-one standing on the goal-line...
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