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Richmond Rant / Re: Oleg Markov - 2019 expectations?
« Last post by the claw on Today at 06:58:56 PM »
time to step up for Oleg.

We seem to have him pencilled in as a H/B But i reckon he has all the attributes to play as a utility.Playing on a wing should hold no problems for him and he did well as a junior up fwd when played there.

Has had injuries and has always been a bit undersized i think that is now corrected. With size he can now compete stick tackles and just be confident.
Hope he takes the next step.
Pettard is the player most have forgotten but frustrated everyone,poor kick but was prepared to stick his head over the hard ball and wait to be poleaxed.

Limited player much loved by Hardwick which kept the team in the mediocre range.

Hopefully Hardwick has moved on from those poor instincts from 3 years ago.
Richmond Rant / Re: Biggest sooky little babies?
« Last post by Tiger Khosh on Today at 06:02:43 PM »
Lol he can make his predictions about how weíll go this year because who knows what will happen. But saying weíll be passed in membership within 3 months is laughable. They would all need to break or go close to breaking their all time record to surpass where we are right now.
How the hell does Weller help us in the midfield.
Low possesion footballer who has few clearances and wins few contsted possesions as well to top it off not a huge tackling player.

Theres a reason why he is now at his third club.
Richmond Rant / Re: Kamdyn McIntosh - 2019 expectations?
« Last post by the claw on Today at 05:21:33 PM »
I get the knock on this fella, but I think his value to Dimma's game plan should not be underestimated.

He has good pace and a massive tank. I think a big part of his role is to fill space defensively when we don't have the ball (his low tackle numbers suggest this anyway). This helps infer pressure on the ball carrier so that those guys attacking the ball carrier have a better chance of creating the turnover, either at the contest or when the ball carrier disposes of the ball.

I understand that Broad's role/value to the team is similar.

I am not suggesting for a minute that our newer players can't do this, but McIntosh has a few preseasons on them.

This post is spot on, the rest are superficial posts
I wouldn't call them superficial. They are just opinions. Just because you may not agree with them doesn't make them superficial. And that isn't an opinion. It is a fact.

As an aside, I agree with Slipper on his role in the team. He obviously carries out the orders given to him by the coaches and thus he continues to be selected. That is the number one criteria for selection - the ability to perform the role you have been instructed to perform. It would be, however, nice to see him improve his disposal efficiency, as he is a good kick and that will elevate him to be a far better player for us.

I honesty donít know why you feel the need to chip in with your condescending opinions on others.
Do you think being a doctor and a coterie (or whatever you are) gives you some special power to judge others?
Mine is an opinion, like yours. If you and others donít agree then fine - itís a forum.
What I posted was far more about Slippers post, I just chose to contrast the quality of it to the others which in my opinion are far less insightful and overlook the other dimensions to KMacís footy that arenít stat related.
LMAO. You are the one who was condescending in the first place calling their posts superficial. Now you are getting personal too.

Why don't you pull your head in and not be rude? If you think that posts are superficial, just ignore them. Why even describe them that way? Just praise the good posts but don't denigrate others. See how you retaliated with a little criticism of yours?
If you can't take it, don't dish it out. Actually don't dish it out at all and we'd all be happy.

If we all ignored posts because we didnít like them, weíd barely have a forum. How am I denigrating anyone? I called the posts superficial, not the person. And they are superficial posts - particularly Claws.
 Thatís not denigrating any person which makes you wrong.
Read it again.
Speaking the truth about players and their short comings sure brings the CLAWS out. hhhhaaaarrrrgggggghhhhhhhh
Richmond Rant / Re: Biggest sooky little babies?
« Last post by Beans on Today at 04:34:02 PM »
Obsessed much! Spends all day Sunday in the February off-season tweeting to bag and bait us.
Hopefully his Sunday opinions are not enhanced by anything.
John Longmire believes there is a place in the AFL for a red card rule as the Swans coach backs the leagueís crackdown on all punches.

The AFL considered but then decided against a red card rule for 2019 following the Andrew Gaff punch that knocked out Andrew Brayshaw.

Longmire told the Herald Sun the AFL should reconsider the red card rule given the consequence of losing a player for most of a game.

ďI think the (punch crackdown) is a reasonable move form the AFL to something we donít need. I understand it went horribly wrong last year with one incident.
Callum Mills was knocked out by Tom Bugg in 2017.
Andrew Gaff throws a punch at Andrew Brayshaw.

ďI know Andrew (Gaff) pretty well and he just isnít like that, it wasnít intended but itís something to be aware of.

ďI still think (a red card) needs to be discussed. At that particular time you lose a player and itís the week after your opposition gets a leg up and the advantage but in the course of the game you are disadvantaged.

ďIt could create other issues and unintended consequences but is thereís a panel that could look at it during the course of the game.

ďOf the really serious incidents, where do you draw the line? I donít think it should be dismissed.Ē
General Discussion / Re: Cricket thread
« Last post by Diocletian on Today at 04:04:30 PM »
Show some respect for the leadership group.... :shh :shh
Richmond Rant / Re: Biggest sooky little babies?
« Last post by Diocletian on Today at 04:03:25 PM »
Hope we can win anither flag or two before he dies ..... :shh
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