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Norf tagged him every time for years....:shh

Norf know their stuff :shh :shh
As if anyone would ever bother to tag BEllis...the kind of non-damaging dud opposition sides want to have the ball.... :shh
Trade BEllis for the guy who was the only player in the world capable of keeping him quiet when he used to play on the wing? Like stuffing whoa, Tigra, you just blew my mind and almost got me on board...:shh
Richmond Rant / Re: Who is getting the chop?
« Last post by Assange Tiger on Today at 12:02:18 AM »
Hard a word to the mods did AT the Courageous....:shh

Rubbish and you know it  >:(

.... :shh
With North active this year I would’ve like us to make a play for Jacobs. Injury prone but very good player, Maybe give them B.Ellis to make it happen.
Morton was a GF hero! .......... For the swans  :-X
Richmond Rant / Re: 2018 Trade/Free agency rumours, scuttlebutt & innuendo
« Last post by Tiger Khosh on Yesterday at 10:55:18 PM »
Steven May’s declaration that he'll go to any Victorian club that can satisfy the Suns in a trade seems to have opened up a lot more doors, but how likely is it that any other clubs will join Melbourne in the race for the Gold Coast captain?

Richmond’s pick 17 wouldn’t be enough, and anyway, there can’t be any salary cap space left at Punt Road after securing Tom Lynch and re-signing the club’s ‘big four’ in the past two years, so the Tigers are no chance.

I wouldn't say we were no chance. It could be worked out. I can see a possible way it could be done. Now i don't have any inside running here on this and absolutely nothing may come of it. but wouldn't it be just a touch of magic if we landed May and Lynch.

A defender is literally the last thing we currently need especially on the type of salary that may would command.
Who cares.

Could’ve had Fyfe and Cripps and we’d be planning for a 5peat.  :banghead

The only Western Australians that betamax Jackson likes are the ones that can give good video.  :wallywink

JON, Conca, Polak, Gourdis, Morton, and Derrickx will all go down in his own video Hall of fame.  :rollin
General Discussion / Re: Cricket thread
« Last post by Diocletian on Yesterday at 10:07:38 PM »
Lubemobile strikes again... imagine if we selected a proper full time leggie.... :shh
Richmond Rant / Re: 2018 Trade/Free agency rumours, scuttlebutt & innuendo
« Last post by Diocletian on Yesterday at 09:54:12 PM »
Levi Greenwood to Richmond rumour won't go away either.... :facepalm. :help
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