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As tasty as the odds are, I’m pretty sure even with Haneberry and Carlisle - we should be too strong for them.
If we lose this one, it’s 2003 all over again
Richmond Rant / Re: Changes for the Saints game?
« Last post by the claw on Today at 05:37:14 PM »
Vlastuin - Astbury - Grimes
Houli - Balta - Stack

Bolton - Martin - Lambert
Soldo - Cotchin - Prestia

Edwards - Chol - RCD
Caddy - Lynch - Castagna

McIntosh - Broad - Graham - *****
 Benny's big on activism and "community engagement"  - always has been....don't forget that he also used to be president of the AFLPA... :shh
Richmond Rant / Re: Trade talk, rumours & innuendo [merged]
« Last post by Diocletian on Today at 04:59:51 PM »
Source: AFL insider on FB


Aiden Bonar looks set to return home at seasons end, and will request a trade out of GWS

The tough midfielder has found it hard to crack into the best 22 and rightly so, but has had opposition clubs offer him more senior opportunities

North Melbourne are favourites to land his services as it stands, closely followed by Carlton, Richmond, Essendon and Hawthorn.

North fans, would you like to see aiden in the blue and white?



Still obsessing over a bloke who's not even in parliament anymore...#thesadleft :shh
The rot started with Vlad....Gilligan was his protégé.....will Gale break the cycle? If one of the changes you're hopng for is an end the AFL thinking it's a vehicle for social change and a disease of the week charity drive rather than just weekend entertaiment for the masses who follow footy as an escape from the problems of the week and the world instead being reminded of and lectured about them then I'm not sure he'll be the bloke considering he's been fairly big on all that at our club...... :shh

And how much is that driven by the AFL itself in making sure the clubs toe the corporate line??

Maybe we would be doing these things regardless or maybe we are going big to make sure we meet requirements of the politic bureau

the classic......:shh
Our club does to much on that stuff. Focus should be on club facilities, driving improvements in the football department and continuing to increase non football related revenue. On that front i was reading some online reviews about aligned leisure. Lots of improvement needed there based on what i read online.
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