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Richmond Rant / Re: How did we rate this trade period?
« Last post by Francois Jackson on Today at 11:04:29 AM »
I enjoyed this trade period immensely, watching the other teams desperately scrabbling around whilst we are sitting back with our draft picks knowing we are the superior club is gold.

^^^^^ this  :rollin

The best part was watching the scum think they were premiership bound only to watch sos fuk up the papley trade

Now I hope butler and ratten kill it next year as that will be icing on the cake

Richmond Rant / Re: Rate a Tiger's year - Jack Graham?
« Last post by Simonator on Today at 08:24:20 AM »
Will be a big part of our future

Well that completely debunks  Mick Wagner's article

Surely ends this sorry disgraceful cheated in AFL history

As for James Hird, still blaming others and not taking responsibility. Noth9ng new there either
Richmond Rant / Re: Rate a Tiger's year - Jack Graham?
« Last post by WilliamPowell on Today at 07:39:43 AM »
Considering the severity of his injuries. Firstly coming back from a shoulder reco and not doing a full pre-season and the courage he showed in the Prelim when he is the other shoulder I reckon he had a great year

I know people whacked him throughout the season but seeing we are a team first, role first side he did dveryth9ng asked of him throughout the year
General Discussion / Re: A-League thread
« Last post by mightytiges on Today at 03:24:11 AM »
Lucky there's no relegation in the A-league yet because Victory is terrible this season  :P. It was always going to be a transition year with a large turnover of the squad and being under a new coach but it already looks like being a long long season. 
Richmond Rant / Rate a Tiger's year - Jack Graham?
« Last post by one-eyed on Today at 03:11:19 AM »
Next up is Graham:

In his 3rd season, Jack played 16 games to take his career tally to 39. After doing a hammy in round 4 against Port, Graham didn't return to the seniors and cement himself back into our best 22 until round 12. Heart-breakingly, he missed out on playing in our Grand Final victory due to a busted shoulder he courageously played on with in the Preliminary Final win against Geelong.

2019 Statistical Rankings
● Ranked 20th in Total Tackles     
● Ranked 4th in Tackles Per Game

Season Highlights:
● 22 disps (19 kicks 3 hballs), 14 tackles and 4 goals in Rd 21 28-pt win over Carlton at the MCG (11 Aug 2019)
● 23 disps (16 kicks 7 hballs), 7 marks and 6 tackles in Rd 1 33-pt win over Carlton at the MCG (21 Mar 2019)

Career stats to date:
          Games  Kicks   Hballs  Disp.  Marks  Tackles  G.B    Clear.  In50   Re50
2017        5       6.0     8.0     14.0    1.8      7.0       5.0     3.2     2.3     1.0
2018      18       7.9     5.9     13.9    1.7      5.9       6.3     1.2     2.2     0.9
2019      16       9.6     7.4     17.0    2.3      7.1       8.3     2.4     3.7     0.9

How did we all rate Graham's season?
Richmond Rant / Re: Memorabilia what are you buying?
« Last post by one-eyed on Today at 02:46:25 AM »
Beyond has also produced a 2019 Richmond season highlights DVD and it's on pre-order at JB Hi-Fi (release date Nov 6).

Richmond Rant / Re: Memorabilia what are you buying?
« Last post by one-eyed on Today at 02:42:59 AM »
Richmond Rant / Re: Richmond ressies/VFL side [merged]
« Last post by one-eyed on Today at 02:35:47 AM »
Our VFL side's forward line coach Paul Griffiths has moved to Carlton to coach their VFLW side.

“I’d like to thank Richmond for my time there and giving me invaluable experience over the past two seasons.”
In a book to be released later this month, Bombers champion Hird describes the events that saw him go from AFL coach to mental health patient in the wake of the Essendon 34 being banned for doping.

“There’s a lot of agendas and I’m extremely sorry for what I’ve done,’’ Hird said.

“Like, it’s horrendous what happened.

“I think the whole saga hurt so many people in so many ways.’’

The Brownlow Medallist and dual premiership star said he was shocked the players were suspended for a year by the Court of Arbitration for Sport for being injected with a banned substance.

“I still don’t think they took anything illegal,’’ he said.

Hird revealed he had not spoken to Dank since the scandal but said the sports scientist banned from the AFL for life and former high performance manager Dean Robinson “shouldn’t have been employed by our footy club’’.

“If Dean Robinson hadn’t been employed, none of that would have happened,’’ Hird said.

Hird said Essendon supporters had been “damaged greatly’’ by the scandal but the players sidelined fared worse.

“People say it hurt the game, and it did,’’ Hird said.

“But the lives of 34 young men were damaged, they were unfairly targeted,’’
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